MPs are planning to pass a bill which began as a proposal to limit paid lobbyists but has been expanded by the Con-Dems to rule out many areas of campaigning and to make MPs even more insulated against the views and wishes of those they represent (if that is possible).

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Just when we witnessed a glimmer of hope for democracy with the refusal by Parliament to follow Cameron's head long rush to support the American's attack of Syria.  Those hopes are dashed with the Lobbying Bill.  This is an affront to those who believe in the democratic process. 
The bill will do little do prevent lobbyists, banks, media corporations and the like from gaining the ear of the government.  What it will do is destroy the right of ordinary people from campaigning legitimately.  38 Degrees is demanding action against the bill.  Owen Jones points out just how much damage the bill will do to democracy.  We need to get involved and support those attempting to scupper this  appalling attempt to destroy free speech.

See this link to the article by Owen Jones

Yes, Jeremy, it is indeed an affront. And, when the TUC says this bill will "ration dissent", it shows what a chillingly authoritarian measure this is - It's being debated in parliament tomorrow. It is, as A World to Win's blog notes, the state trying to muzzle those who campaign for social and political rights and oppositional on here:

The use of such terminology by the TUC as "Rationing Dissent" is unfortunate because it just plays into the hands of the Conservative extremists. I have just listened to PM Q's and heard the PM responding to such a question by stating that the 'opposition' obviously do not want the trades Unions to come under the Law.

I wish people would stop giving him all this free ammunition.

After listening to parliamentary debate on the subject last night, I understand, (from a Labour MP's intervention), that Trades Unions already meet the requirements of the proposed bill and need not take any further action to meet the provisions of the bill - if passed, so what is their problem? 

In my opinion, what the lobbying bill needs to do is to prevent lobbyists from being paid to unfairly influence the spending of Public Money on policies that enrich the companies they represent. If that description does not cover any of the trades Unions activities,(or Charities etc.), then they need not be included on the register or covered by the bill. If it does, then they should be.

That is what Parliament will decide and the only way you can influence its decision is to Lobby your own MP.

By the way, was anyone out there lobbied by their MP on their views concerning intervention in Syria?


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