We all watched with great interest (or not) the party conferences and there were some interesting moments that may well have indicated that things are moving to the left.  At snails pace, I grant you.  Or have I just left Planet Reality and taken up residence in the galaxy of False Hope.  Before you dismiss this as wishful thinking, my suggestion seems to be supported in part by Owen Jones of the 'Independent'.  He wrote in yesterday's 'I' edition about 'The Challenge from the Left.'  In it he wrote about the, "...hypocrisy of the right" and went on the describe the fact that they don't mind 'statism' when it comes to the banks, mortgage support and quite a lot more.  Of course they still need to be seen as right wingers, so they refuse the same when it come to the poor, unemployed and children living in poverty.

Is Red Ed really trying to nudge the agenda to the left. If he is he will need to do more than just take on the the energy companies.  Jones sets out some pointers that democratic socialism might require.  He writes as follows,

"It would mean a living wage instead of subsidies for poverty pay, and allowing councils to build housing rather than taxpayers lining the pockets of private landlords.  It would mean arguing for social ownership - from banks to railways - giving real democratic control to the workers and consumers."

At present this does not appear to be on the Labour agenda, however as Jones suggests, if such things did meet with the approval of the masses, the right would be disturbed and they need to lean a little more to the left!

The article is worth a read


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Thanks Jeremy

Have you got the link to the article?


The link is:-



Thanks Jeremy, it's a great article. It's a pity Red Ed didn't have the balls Owen Jones has.

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