As we all seem to know what needs to be done with the banks and the transfer of control taken away from them, do we all have any idea were the epicentre for this catalyst may  occur? As we are seeing pockets of transfer or residence from country's like Iceland when will the catalyst explode or the lizard become to big for the jar? 

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One aspect of the OWS call to 'move your money' seems to have been 260,000 accounts started with Credit Unions and local banks in one month. The normal number of new accounts with Credit Unions in the States was around 200,000 in a year. The alternatives in this country are not as easy to access.but money is moving away from the large  'predator' banks. I don't hold out any hope for a sensible resolution in the light of the reform proposed by Mr Osborne as I don't think he will want to upset his paymasters too much.

I wonder if the best we can hope for is a barter economy between family, friends and neighbours. If that happens then a lot will depend on how good your relaitionship is with those around you. If you have been an abusive or slighting neighbour your 'credit' will not be good!

A more hopeful sign is that various Euro countries are taking note of tax changes advocated by people like Richard Murphy at Tax

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