There are 2 million applicants for accommodation.   This is a systemic failure caused by money lending and landlord based political power.

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There is news of millions of empty dwellings all over Europe and these are called 'toxic assetts'  NO THEY ARE NOT ... they are empty houses.

There are empty shops and offices all over the UK and these are regarded as a problem.  They are not a problem.  They are facilities that are not used.

These empty properties are only a problem to the owners.  Empty, they are not assets they are liabilities.  There are no returns for the money lenders and the owners must actually do some work. The only work that requires doing is routine maintenance and guarding their property.  These are outgoings that they cannot service and so the system is flawed.

We have too  many capitalists and nobody actually doing anything useful. 

The property ladder has been used to saturation and the housing 'market ' no longer exists.  I watched an interview with and owner of a very large accommodation that he has been trying to sell for two years.  It is empty, there are people who cannt afford to buy or rent it.   If the 'market' works this should force rents and prices down.  It does not work.... neither do landlords.

There used to be an answer to empty property being left to rot or 'accumulate value' - legally occupying it for housing. 

Squatting in residential properties was recently criminalised.  See for more info

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