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Say Jeremy Corbyn had been the Home Secretary for six years, during which time he slashed some 20,000 police jobs taking us back to 1970s levels of per capita policing.
Let's say he also slashed the UK Border Agency budget so that over a million people per month were coming and going through UK airports without being properly checked.
Let's say by virtue of an extremely self-serving EU referendum non-campaign he managed to get into 10 Downing Street, where he kept up his agenda of cutting the UK security services and border agency.
Then there's a home-grown terrorist attack by a known Islamist fanatic in a city where Corbyn had cut the police budget by £157 million.
Let's say Jeremy Corbyn "lost" files on an internal pedophile ring.
Let's say he wanted to take the homes from the elderly.
Let's say he cut 30% of your disabled benefit.
Let's say he signed an arms deal with the (ISIS-funding) Saudis worth billions.
Let's say he wanted to take away your child's free school meal.
Let's say he forced NHS staff to use food banks or starve (great choice).
Let's say he made so many cuts to the NHS that people are suffering waiting for ambulances and A&E doctors.
Let's say he went against doctors, nurses, teachers, fire fighters, the armed forces...
Let's say he took away funding for University for upcoming doctors and nurses.
Let's say after all these cuts there's still a deficit and he'd missed every target he'd set himself for reducing it.
What would you have to say about Jeremy Corbyn under these circumstances?
And why are they not saying those things about Theresa May and the Tories right now?
Rachel Avery
Having just listened to BBC Radio Four tell lies about the outcome of last night's May v Corbyn fiasco, we definitely need to be thinking about the problem of media bias in this country.

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Comments like this are rife on Facebook. The mainstream media is losing its ability to ‘manufacture consent’. I personally almost never read a newspaper let alone  the younger generation...

It’s obvious that the media barons want Corbyn like they wan earache  and will do all they can to character assassinate him.  That will fool oldies who read the Sun, the Daily Mail and Metro, but it will have little or no affect on the millions on social media.

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