What happens when nobody can pay their rent and mortgage repayments?

There is a law in the UK that no-one should be homeless, and this is used by the government to pass money to the landlords under the smoke screen of 'benefits'. Social housing was sold off by the law that forbade councils to use the money from the sale of council houses from being used to build more council houses.

Now that a small group of people own all the houses and all the money there is a crisis of cash flow. People who imagined they could become pocket capitalists are realising that the houses they bought have no value unless someone lives in them.  Houses are being bought up by an organisation calling itself 'we buy any house' that advertises on TV and the internet.

The 'property ladder' leads nowhere as there is no paid work to sustain such a system.

What happens when people chose not to repay their mortgages and fail to pay their rent because the government has stopped housing allowances?

A 'rent strike'  would be much more effective than all the demonstrations and protests that are currently taking place and could not result in 'vulnerable' people losing their homes.  There are not enough Police, Bailiffs or even bully boys to evict the whole nation and the concept of million living outside empty properties is untennabler.. aggis Thatcher tried it resulting in the life expectancy of her victims being lowered from 72 years to 43 years.

There are two considerations that must be addressed in advocating such behaviour.

The cash flow of millions in the 'housing industry' would cease.

Unemployment as we have come to understand it would quadruple.

We would all have to address the reality of life instead of the 'virtual world' of money lending.

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These are very valid points that you have raised. These thoughts had crossed my mind in a vague way when I was contemplating what would happen if we all just said 'no'. If we all withdraw support for the abusive industries that enslave us and say we don't want to be subject to this bullying anymore then life could shortly become very difficult. On the subject of housing then grandparents like me with a paid for property would be honour bound to at least try to care for those in need of a roof or other support.

Civil disorder would be the order of the day.

Major problem would be with those who just do not understand how badly they have been shafted by the state and big corporations. Those who think they have steady jobs.

Comment found about American voters."The poorest states will vote for RoMoney even though they will be worse of and the richer states will vote for Obama in the hope that he will do better next time."   I would expect much the same outcome in this country as succesive governments have been busy making sure that the inhabitants of this septic isle are as uneducated as possible and addicted to soap opera pretending to be real life.

I have lived through various nasty moments in my life but none when our own government where giving away the riches of this country with quite such gay abandon so that the carpet baggers could benefit.

 People who are in paid employment and are paying mortgages resent others who are not in paid employment and are living in comfortable accomodation.  People who are living in rented accomodation are led to believe that they would be somehow better off if they were paying interest to moneylenders than paying unearned profit to landlords.

When people are unable to pay to live in comfortable accomodation the government is forced to allow them to use accommodation that would otherwise be empty as you cannot rule a country where a significant percentage of the population are living rough AND there are empty houses available.

People who cannot pay rent or mortgage repayments are not prepared to die of exposure especially if they have families and the government and housing organisations have been forced to recognise this and over the years have invented words such as negative equity  and toxic assetts to try to convince society that the financial structure has not broken down.

There is already a trend for people to live in their parents accommodation far longer than they would wish  and far longer than the natural desire to 'leave the nest'. 

Persons with 'paid for' property see themselves as having human rights above those who have not been able to benefit from the structure of society. I have  personnally 'paid for' two houses that have been taken from me by the law because of marriage break ups, I have studied hard, got a medal for 'fighting for my country', contributed to a variety of pension schemes, and have always lived within my means.

Being a good citizen. according to all the rules. does not financially reward anyone in the UK when the people in power simply print more money for themselves and their friends and use this to manipulate the life and death of the population.

Civil disobedience is not the answer as this causes more trouble and gives power to the bullies. The solution is to obey all rules fully and do no more.  Money has failed, the rules do not work and cannot work, they are illogical.

If the 'housing market' was replaced by a national not for profit organisation outside of government control there would instantly be millions more 'unemployed' and this begs the question 'what good are these people doing here and now?'

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