Why aren't the British middle-classes staging a revolution?

Why aren’t the middle classes revolting?

Words you probably never thought you’d read in the Telegraph. Words which, as a Gladstonian Liberal, I never thought I’d write. But seriously, why aren’t we seeing scenes reminiscent of Paris in 1968? Moscow in 1917? Boston in 1773?


A question perhaps well worth asking as much wider socio-econimic groups have felt the full force of the global financial crash and its aftermath. 

When are the people in charge of companies such as Phones4U ever going to be held to account? (I'm just off the read a copy of Owen Jones new book, The Establishment) 

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Thanks for the link Simon, that Telegraph article is really worth reading. For any worthwhile change to happen it needs the middle class to demand it. They can ignore the rest of us - and maybe the middle class as well. Good that at last they are being called to action by one of their own.

I completely agree with the thrust of this piece, re middle/ all class revolt at the continuing disregard by the monied for the rest of us......

The latest = "Confusion reigns at Tesco" over missing finance (chief)! How careless to 'lose' £250m while HMCE chase joe public for modest tax arrears/payments...[i-paper article today 25/9]



I hate to say "Told you so..." but I'm going to....

The Phones4U scenario is exactly the same as what befell Liverpool Football Club when they were taken over by Hicks and Gillott.  The warnings were issued but no-one reacted.  There is now a desperate need for legislation to control this type of "take over" and ensure the perpetrators are held to account.

mainly because it just not british old boy! most people have a moan get it off there chest then accept things and carry on as normal hence no revolt and they get away with it again

Well at last the Telegraph is seeing a bit of sense. It makes a change from blaming 'socialism' for all of the ills of this country. We know that the banks (and the money men in general) are in charge in this country. It will take a whole load of 'middle class' people to see past the end of their pension pots, that we are not living in a fair society.Fraud of many kinds needs to be unveiled and bright lights shone on it, so that when it is written about in The Telegraph and Financial Times, not to forget The Times too; they will cotton on to the fact that it is not the bleating poor but the bloated rich, who are taking our money.The trouble in the middle east will drive these stories off the front and middle pages, but more importantly will happen without us realising we are being robbed.

I agree wholeheartedly with the tenor of this article. Why are we not up in arms? Well, until I read this I had no idea what had gone on, so ignorance is probably a big factor.  Perhaps we need a 38 degrees campaign or Avaaz campaign or a joint campaign by all these big e-campaign organisations to tell the word what we think of these parasites who perpetrate such deeds and think they are so clever. I'm glad I am a Christian who believes such people will eventually go to hell unless they repent!  I'd be happier if their lives were made hell on earth before they passed on though.  Better still, prevent any more of them being able to try.

If you look at the big picture in this messed up world, where the greedy and corrupt prevail, it can seem overwhelming and as a result too many people do not want to confront it or accept, with apathy, what they believe to be inevitable. But no one can predict the future -that is ours to determine, if we have the will. Those of us who are awake to what is going on, just go out and do what is right, don't question, just do it and shout it from the roof tops that you are not a puppet or a slave and you will stand up for goodness and decency with the last breath of your body. Do it with compassion and love and people will turn to you and listen. Do it with hate or bitterness then you have lost and they have already won. People can only take so much oppression then they will look for guidance. By being unafraid and showing kindness and generousity of spirit you will be a beacon in a dark place for others to find their way out. Do your best. If we all do that then we can change this world for the better. Either way at least you will always be at peace with your soul.

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