Mental Health First Aid - an early intervention approach that can be applied elsewhere?

Hi all

I just wondered whether any of you had heard of Mental Health First Aid - and whether you think its co-design approach could be applied to issues such as personal debt, domestic violence or similar social challenges.

Basically, it was started in Australia around year 2000. It is not a movement, social enterprise or belonging to a particular brand with all the accompanying intellectual property rights. It is best described as a toolkit and training approach.

It was co-designed with the input of a health expert and the expert feedback and active reflection of ordindary people.

My question - to myself and to all of you - is: could this approach be used towards building more resilient communities and to tackle social problems in their early stages - family debt, domestic violence, or  substance abuse.

In all cases it would be about developing toolkits that are embedded in peer learning  (and social) networks so that communities are equipped with the know how to tackle issues on their own terms quickly and effectively.

Yes, this does involve 'experts' but no, it is not about being 'done to'. It is about mobilising the expertise within communities while enlisting the support and advice of specialists; in other words it is a co-production model. I have blogged about this elsewhere>>>

Anybody have any thoughts on this or something similar?

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