Equality North West


Equality North West

£quality NW is an autonomous group linked to The Equality Trust

- increasing understanding of the extent and harm caused by income inequality

- demanding a fairness test

- campaigning on wage ratio issues

Website: http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/
Location: Manchester
Members: 52
Latest Activity: Apr 19

About Us...

What are the greatest problems facing our society?


Violence? The number of people being sent to prisons? Child well-being, or lack of? Teen pregnancy? Drug abuse? Physical health? Obesity? Poor mental health? The erosion of trust and community life? Failing education systems? For all of these health and social problems, outcomes are very substantially worse in more unequal societies.


And guess what... we live in an increasingly unequal society.


The financial gap between the rich and the poor has become unhealthy for us all. Research clearly shows that more equal societies are healthier, happier and more


In the North West we have communities at both extremes, and many in the middle, but what is clear is that we would ALL benefit from changes in policy to reduce these differences. This group was inspired by the work of two leading epidemiologists, Emeritus Professor Richard Willkinson (Uni. Nottingham/ UCL) and Professor Kate Pickett (Uni. York) and their ground-breaking book  'The Spirit Level - Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better'. 


We are an autonomous group affiliated to the Equality Trust. At present we cover the North West area and we are based in Manchester. We hope that over time more local groups will set up in the region creating a strong, well organised network to push for greater equality and to create awareness of the benefits of greater equality for


Please join us and help to ensure that this happens.


This link takes you to seven detailed presentations by Richard and Kate

News about the Spirit Level Film Campaign

Discussion Forum

Minutes 19th May 2014

Meeting  19th May 2014 Present: Allan, Jeremy, Phil, David, Maurice Apologies: 1, Treasurer's statement £574.64 (Bank a/c £566.76, cash £7.88) less tonight's room costs = £553.64 Phil has approximately £6 to hand over to Jeremy 2, Collection…Continue

Started by joe taylor May 24, 2014.

Minutes 3.3.2014 1 Reply

Present: David Lamb, Jeremy Mills, Phil Duval, Maurice Barnes Apologies: Joe Taylor, Allan Wort, Graham Whitham, Martin Singer 1, Treasurer's statement We were very happy to welcome back Jeremy and as ever he provided a clear statement of our…Continue

Started by joe taylor. Last reply by joe taylor Mar 7, 2014.

Minutes for meeting 27th January 2014

Minutes for meeting 27th January 2014Present: Phil, Allan, Maurice, Martin S., Amanda, David L. Apologies: Graham, Neil 1.Treasurer's statement - Martin Elliot's donation of £25 is gratefully received by the group. Bank a/c £571.76 Petty cash £9.10…Continue

Started by joe taylor Jan 30, 2014.

Minutes of Meeting 10th December 2013

Minutes of meeting  10th December 2013 Attended by: Phil, Allan, Maurice, David, Martin R., Martin S., Mandi, Graham, Oscar 1, Treasurer's statement Phil was unable to hand over money made at the TUC event (£43) due to Jeremy's absence. This will…Continue

Started by joe taylor Dec 13, 2013.


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