Meeting  19th May 2014

Present: Allan, Jeremy, Phil, David, Maurice


1, Treasurer's statement

£574.64 (Bank a/c £566.76, cash £7.88) less tonight's room costs = £553.64

Phil has approximately £6 to hand over to Jeremy

2, Collection for meeting


3, Feedback from talk to Withington Labour party
- Having finished the talk unsure as to how it went, Phil received very nice feedback from Mandie the next day. Apparently it was 'thought-provoking' and 'inspired people to get more active'
- Phil has been invited to give another talk to the Burnage Labour party as a result of this one.

4, Local Groups Day in London, 7th June
- Phil will attend on behalf of the group and it was agreed that his train ticket will be reimbursed.
- Allan suggested inviting someone from the mailing list to accompany Phil. This was agreed. The accompanying person will not however be getting their train ticket paid for.
- Maurice and Phil completed the questionnaire Bill Kerry sent about our progress. They also completed the group study about what successes we've had and what other groups can learn from us.

5, David Malone talk 12th June
- Steve Durrant from Manchester Green Party is hosting this event but we are advertising it through our networks and we will be filming it.

6. Andrew Cumbers talk 17th September
- Phil has arranged to have the Glasgow University academic Prof Andrew Cumbers speak to us about Economic Democracy and new forms of Public Ownership. We will pay for his travel and hotel. Tickets will be priced £2 waged / free unwaged. The room has been booked.

7. Ideas from the last meeting
- Unfortunately we weren't really able to discuss some of the ideas which came up at the last event because Joe and Martin Allerton weren't able to attend tonight. We did however agree that developing memes for dissemination on social media is a key task and that we should also push TET to put some of their resources behind this.

- We are open to having Positive Money come and speak to us. Ben Dyson would be particularly good.

8. Overall ideas for 2014-2015 program

Website / email
It is possible that Phil will not be in the UK from September / October but he has committed to maintaining the group's newsletter, communications etc. and arranging talks. As such Phil and Allan will meet to set up a website for the group using the domain name that Allan purchased and then link it to a proper email address (rather than a gmail one).

Allan will finally be reimbursed for the purchases he made regarding this last year.

Reaching young people
We have decided to make a concerted effort to reach young people, starting in October with the University students.

This will require proper planning and preparation and so we will dedicate most of the next meeting to this task.

Allan suggested that we take on a student intern over the summer. Phil said he would contact Trina from the Post Crash Economics group to gauge her interest or whether she knew someone else who would be interested. The intern would be focused on reaching the students and developing memes for social media. Phil will strongly encourage TET to do the same.

Phil will also contact Suzanne Vaughn, Ben Egan, Neil from CLES and the general mailing list to to seek their advice / ask for help.

David will research what grants we can apply for in order to properly support this effort. Phil will contact John Clegg to see where the Trades Council are up to with their Equality working group.

Maurice made the point that we must try to reach people at the emotional level. He made reference to the worries and anxieties caused by gross inequality. The memes would tie into this.

Allan will meet the woman who is organising the 'Getting Even' conference as recommended to us by Bill Kerry at TET.

Next meeting:
Thursday 19th June

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