Minutes of meeting  10th December 2013

Attended by: Phil, Allan, Maurice, David, Martin R., Martin S., Mandi, Graham, Oscar

1, Treasurer's statement
Phil was unable to hand over money made at the TUC event (£43) due to Jeremy's absence. This will be handed over at January's meeting. The group agreed to accept Mike Cribb's kind donation of £500.

2, Collection for meeting

3, Equality Trust 12 principles
- The group agreed to TET's 12 principles.
- I will request 500 copies of the new infographic leaflet.

Event with Post-Crash Economics Society

Phil explained that his idea for another event on banking with Ian Fraser, Rowan BD and David Malone had taken an interesting turn and that he had suggested to the Post Crash Economics student group that we have an event with them – 'economics meets the real world'. Phil had contacted the Renegade Economist film producer to gauge his interest in filming the event. This would cost £600. Allan suggested that Phil contact TV stations, pitching it as 'Intelligence Squared with dirty northern talk' – in order to save money and get wider exposure. Phil agreed to this.

After the meeting Phil spoke to David Malone about it, and he offered to help draft a pitch. He also suggested inviting Andrew Haldane from the Bank of England. I will update the group in due course about this.

European election hustings

Martin Rathfelder asked if we would be interesting in hosting an election's husting for the 2014 European elections. The group expressed interest in the idea and will discuss it at the January meeting.

4, Policy discussion

Martin Rathfelder advised that TET needs to hurry up if it wants to influence the Labour party manifesto for 2015.

Graham made the point that the case regarding geographical inequality needs to be made to TET. The group agreed this was important.

The group discussed the five themes drawn up by Maurice and Phil (Industrial democracy, Companies, Taxation, Housing, Food) and added in geographic equalities and education about the financial crisis / economy.

Allan made the point that while it is fine to influence national bodies, let's make sure the focus of our work is on what we do in the north west.

Next meeting: Monday 27th January 2014

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