Present: David Lamb, Jeremy Mills, Phil Duval, Maurice Barnes

Joe Taylor, Allan Wort, Graham Whitham, Martin Singer

1, Treasurer's statement

We were very happy to welcome back Jeremy and as ever he provided a clear statement of our accounts:

Bank a/c £504.76
Petty cash £8.50

Phil also handed over £44 in cash (money made from selling TSL / CLASS precis) and a cheque for £35 (speaker fee from Sale & Altrincham Co-op party). Which should mean we have £592.26.

2, Collection for meeting

£4 was collected.

3, Feedback from our talk to Sale & Altrincham Co-op party

Phil, Allan and Maurice went, and all spoke during the evening. We were well received and there were some good questions from the floor. A lady from the Co-op party said she would be recommending us to other groups.

As such we have decided to set ourselves a target of doing at least one TSL talk per month from now on. Phil has been nominated for Political Education Officer for Stretford and Urmston Labour party so hopefully more opportunities will arise from that. Phil will also speak to Martin Rathfelder about dates with health groups.

4, Feedback from East Lancs and Burnley Equality group launch

Phil reported that it was a really enjoyable evening with a well-attended talk and the opportunity to meet the leader of Burnley Council. Bill's presentation was very good with slides I hadn't seen before (which he has sent to us) and I gave a brief talk on what our group were doing. There were some very good questions from the floor.

5, Talk to Withington constituency Labour party -  Thursday April 24th

Phil will do this talk in Mandie's constituency but other members are welcome to join in also.

6. Talk to City College students – Wednesday April 23rd

Phil was invited to do this by Nigel Woodcock who is a lecturer at City College (and the Green Party candidate in Wythenshaw). Phil will have to ask if anyone else can come along due to it being in a public college.

7. Policies for greater equality

Maurice has produced a synthesis of the group's policy submissions (thank you to everyone who contributed). He has deliberately left out the detail so that the document can be taken to public meetings, TSL talks, MP visits etc. Maurice will add any final points and take the document to his meeting with Bill Kerry on Thursday 5th March.

Public Health England consultation on health inequalities

David gave us an overview of this process: Health policy has become highly individualised with the basic assumption that it's your fault if you get ill. Obviously TSL says that there are a lot of structural elements. Policy is also localised whereas we recognise that it has regional, national and international dimensions. And in any case local health bodies have very little discretion so the whole paradigm is faulty.

Can we speak to TET to see if they can have any impact on this consultation.

Jeremy mentioned that he has a contact in health in Cheshire. David agreed to try to speak to this person.

9, European elections hustings?

As it stands, there doesn't appear to be any capacity to do this.

10, Joe Taylor's event 22nd March

Maurice and Allan have agreed to help out at this event. David will also attend and Jeremy will try to. Phil sends his apologies as he will be in China and hopes that the event is a success.

11, Allan's webinar (this evening)

We don't have much information about this but we are grateful to Allan for doing it and helping spread the group's message in a new medium, and to Joe for providing the opportunity.


- The Poverty Action Group conference is on Friday 14th March in Ardwick. It starts at 9am. Phil will ask Graham Whitham to forward the registration details to the group.

- Phil informed the group that Kate Pickett will be doing a TSL talk at Liverpool University on Wednesday 19th March (5.30 – 7pm).

- Steady State Manchester has finished their report on Local Authority Procurement. It is a high quality citizen produced report and hopefully it will be launched with Allan's help on or around 26th March.

A key point from the report is that, whether they say so or not, Local Authorities can tie the Living Wage to procurement.

- Maurice raised some concerns about the whittling attendance at group meetings and wondered how we can improve this. Phil replied that we had lost four high quality (and female) members for reasons beyond our control and that ultimately lower attendance had not affected the activity or capacity of the group, indeed activity has actually been rising.

Nonetheless it was agreed that we would try to use future speaker events to increase membership and Phil mentioned that he would be approaching Ben Egan to give a talk on trade unions and how they bargain in Europe and a Glasgow University lecturer on different models of public ownership.

- TET's 12 principles have been revised. We will have to review them next time – if we still have the will to live.

Next meeting: Wednesday 23rd April

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Regarding item 11 - Allan's Weniar. Here's the link to the recording - he did a great job as you will see.

Regarding item 10 - Joe Taylor's event 22nd March (NatCAN nationl conference in Manchester)

Equality NW are keynote  speakers and it's a free event.  See  below for further details.


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