Minutes 2/2/2012



Equality NW Meeting Minutes

Friends Meeting House, Manchester

2nd February 2012




Philip Duval (Chair)                  Jeremy Mills (Treasurer)

Jo Cocker                                Mike Cribb

Graham Whitham                    Allan Wort

David Seddon                          Maurice Barnes

Richard Goulding                     John Clegg




1) Bank Account application

2) Constitution

3) Equality Trust Survey

4) Yahoo Group

5) Future activity

6) NATCAN conference

7) Next meeting


Agenda Item


Bank Account application



  • The group’s Treasurer, Jeremy Mills, ran through the bank account application process and requirements.
  • The resolution was read out and agreed by all present
  • Terms & Conditions of the account read and agreed by all present
  • Registration documentation - agreed group does not hold any due to nature of group
  • The group agreed the signatories of the bank account to be Philip Duval (Chair) and Jeremy Mills (Treasurer).
  • The group agreed to have internet banking facility with the bank signatories to have ability to view, submit and authorise and Joe Taylor, (Secretary - but a non-signatory) to have access to view only.
  • Jeremy to submit application as soon as all relevant information has been collated
  • The current group balance with the Quakers is £67.24 (TBC)
  • The Treasurer is also holding £200 in donations from Mike Cribb





















  • The group discussed options for the type of constitution to be adopted – consensus or structures
  • It was agreed to adopt a structures constitution initially and to review it yearly.
  • Mike Cribb agreed to draft the constitution for the next meeting
  • Jo Cocker / Phil Duval agreed to help proof-read draft


  • The group discussed responsibility for handling membership enquires and monitoring the mailing list. It was suggested that as the group’s Secretary Joe Taylor may be a suitable choice. As Joe could not attend the meeting Phil offered to follow-up with Joe to explore his interest.













Equality Trust Questionnaire


  • The national Equality Trust (ET) group have asked for the one point of contact for the group and for their contact details to be displayed on the main ET website.
  • The group agreed it should be the 3 Chief Officers – Phil Duval (Chair), Jeremy Mills (Treasurer) and Joe Taylor (Secretary)
  • Mike Cribb has been asked by former group Chair, Mary Curran, to represent the Equality NW at the national ET group conference on March 24th 2012. Phil Duval as Chair has agreed to accompany Mike.
  • Graham suggested that members respond to the ET questionnaire online and email their responses to him for collation into a group response. Graham will contact members with a deadline for EWT survey responses and pass the collated response to Phil and Mike to pass on at the March national ET meeting















Yahoo Group


  • Discussion re the setting up and member registration to the new Yahoo Group.
  • It was agreed that members were already registered to too many groups to monitor and that the group needed something that “pushed” information out to members rather than relying on individuals “pulling” information. It was pointed out that we already have a website and a page on the NATCAN website.
  • Phil agreed to speak to the group Secretary, Joe Taylor about how best to manage the mailing list whilst avoiding people having to “join” another online group.












Future Campaigns


  • Group discussion re next steps re campaigning and activism
  • It was agreed that decisive action was needed and a commitment from members to actively contribute to campaigning in some form e.g. advocacy, speaking to other groups, supporting another event etc.
  • Phil Duval suggested focusing on continuing to raise awareness, going out and sharing the message.
  • It was agreed by all to follow-up on the November 2011 Fairness Commission event. Graham noted that he had received a number of enquiries from local councillors re the Fairness Commission initiative and that we also had a duty to follow up with previous event attendees and link to the Liverpool Fairness Commission.
  • Jo C reminded the group about potential interest from the Co-op Group
  • Mike also drew attention to the need to engage with the private sector and the success he has had sharing our message with SMEs. Mike informed the group that his company Board had agreed to help sponsor future events
  • John pointed out the new Council commissioning protocols provided a good opportunity to get our message across and help shape new commissioning frameworks.
  • Allan suggested members should each commit to speaking to other groups from different causes, sectors etc to help spread the message and inspire people. A suggestion was made re developing a group PowerPoint to aid this.
  • All agreed the next meeting should focus on deciding on specific campaigning activity for the group. All members attending the next meeting to come with new innovative ideas and suggestions for campaigning and awareness-raising for discussion which they would also be happy and able to give time and energy to. The group will vote on the best 2/3 ideas to be developed.

























NATCAN conference


Phil Duval to attend NATCAN conference on 23/02/12 and report back at next meeting




Next Meeting



29th February 2012 at the Friend’s Meeting House






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