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Financial Statement and Bank Statement for Nov/Dec2014

Hello Colleagues Please find below links for the above information In%3AExpNov-Dec2014.pdf Bank%20St%20 S Mills Treasurer Equality NW  View »

Current Financial Situation to date

Hello Colleagues Below you will find links to the current bank statement and the financial situation IncExp19Oct-20Nov2014pages.pdf BankStO S Mills Eq NW - Treasurer View »

Bank Statement and financial information

Colleagues Please find below links to the current bank statement and income and expenditure details Thanks  Jeremy S Mills EQ NW Treasurer Inc%3AExp3Sept%20to%2018%20Oct%2014%20. View »

Finance Information Aug/Sept2014

Hello Colleagues To view the latest finance information  go to the links below BankStAug2014.pdf InExp13Augto3Sep2014.doc S Mills EqNW Treasurer View »

Current Bank Statement and Income and Expenditure information

Hello Colleagues  Below are the files to view the above information BankStMay14.pdf Inc%3AExpMay14.pages.p  EQ North West View »

Income and Expenditure 4 Apr to 19 May 2014

Hello Colleagues See the link below to view the above financial statement Inc%3AExp4Apr14to19May14.pages.pdf Tha NW Treasurer View »

Bank Statement April 2014

Hello Colleagues See the link below to view the current bank statement. The funds in the bank have not changed from the previous month, however there is £21 owing to 'Friends' for room hire for the m… View »

Current Financial Situation 3April14

Hello Colleagues See below for the links to the latest bank statement and financial information. BankStMar14.pdf In%3AExp4Marto3Apr14 Eq NW View »

Bank Statement Feb 2014

Hello Colleagues The link below will allow you to view the latest bank statement BankStFeb14.pdf It did not come through in time to present at last night's meeting Thanks Jeremy Eq NW Treasurer View »

Income and Expenditure 28 Jan to 3 Mar 2014

Hello Colleagues  I have today added a page showing the link to the above financial statement InExp28Janto3Mar2014.docx Thanks  View »


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