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Latest Bank statement and financial information

Hello Colleagues  Below are the links to view the above.   Financial%20statement-%207%20May%202015.pd S Mills Treasurer Eq NW View »

Bank Statement for Mar 2015

Hello Colleagues Below you can use the link to view the latest statement Bank%20St%20Mar2015.pdf NB. On the last financial information it showed that cash in the bank was £229.11. The bank stateme… View »

Latest financial information

Hello all Click the link to view the latest financial details for Eq NW In%3AExp%20March%202015.pdf Thanks Jeremy S Mills Treasurer  Eq NW View »

Bank statement for Feb 2015

Hello Colleagues Below is the link to view the above statement. It is the same as the previous month as there have been no transactions. I am posting this as the group will be having its next face t… View »

Statement Jan 2015

Hello Colleagues I preparation for the meeting on 10 March I attach the most current bank statement, which is dated 31 Jan 2015. There have been no financial transactions since the last statement (D… View »

Bank statement for Dec 2014

Colleagues  See below to view the most recent bank statement. Bank%20St%20Dec2014.pdf As you will see there are no transactions and therefore the financial statement is the same for November.… View »

Financial Statement and Bank Statement for Nov/Dec2014

Hello Colleagues Please find below links for the above information In%3AExpNov-Dec2014.pdf Bank%20St%20 S Mills Treasurer Equality NW  View »

Current Financial Situation to date

Hello Colleagues Below you will find links to the current bank statement and the financial situation IncExp19Oct-20Nov2014pages.pdf BankStO S Mills Eq NW - Treasurer View »

Bank Statement and financial information

Colleagues Please find below links to the current bank statement and income and expenditure details Thanks  Jeremy S Mills EQ NW Treasurer Inc%3AExp3Sept%20to%2018%20Oct%2014%20. View »

Finance Information Aug/Sept2014

Hello Colleagues To view the latest finance information  go to the links below BankStAug2014.pdf InExp13Augto3Sep2014.doc S Mills EqNW Treasurer View »


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