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'My country disgusts me' an article by Deborah Orr

Hello Colleagues  I have just read the above article in the newspaper The 'I". It was published in today's edition of the newspaper.  I believe the full article was published on Wednesday. It shows j… View »

'Liberals face the fight of their lives' - Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Hello Colleagues A short but succinct article how "soft-Liberalism" has failed to deal with the rise of the extremes of the right.  As she says at the end of the piece, '...In 2017 either we fig… View »

Financial Information - November 2016

Hello Colleagues Received from the Unity Bank, the statement for November 2016. Total in the bank £1,036.71 Petty Cash £14.66 No transactions since last income and expenditure information (28.4.16 to… View »

Bank Statement Sept and Oct 2016

Hello Colleagues Please find links to the two statements below BankStSept2016.pdf BankSt%20Oct2016.pdf T S Mills EqNW Treasurer View »

Financial Statement up to 13 Oct 16

Colleagues  Below is the financial statement up to today's date Inc%3AExpTo13.10.16.pdf Jeremy Treasurer View »

Financial Information

Hello Colleagues. I received a letter from the Unity Trust Bank, dated March 2016, relating to new charges that will be applied to Equality NW bank account.  I was sure that I had sent all memb… View »

Bank Statement 30 June 16

Hello Colleagues Attached is the link to view the above statement. There is a further £180 to come out of the account along with the £50.40 shown on the statement.  The £180 is payment for the s… View »

Bank Statement 31 May 16

Colleagues Please find the link below to view the above. No transactions, therefore financial statement is the same as the last one published. BankSt31May16.pdf Thanks Jeremy S Mills Treasurer EQ… View »

April 16 Bank Statement

Colleagues Please see the link below to view the above statement. No transactions during this period therefore financial position remains as per last financial information. BkStApril16.pdf Thanks J… View »

Bank Statements and Financial information

Hello Colleagues Below are the links to the bank statements for Feb and Mar 16 and the most recent income and expenditure information. Note that as there has been little activity in the first few mo… View »


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