Skype Conference 19th April 2012

Skype Conference 19th April 2012


Present: Elizabeth Coleman, Allan Wort, Mike Cribb, Joe Taylor


Jeremy Mills was unable to join but had made his feelings know to Joe the night before.


The  discussion was about what other organisations Equality NW might network with.


Jeremy had suggested 38 Degrees and the various Fairness Commissions could be approached. Joe has a Skype conference with 38 Degrees arranged on another issue and agreed to raise the matter with the. Jeremy agreed to trawl Internet for Fairness Commissions and to explore possibilities. He also intends making contact with the management of John Lewis Ltd.


Allan said that the constitution is clear on what the Equality Trust want us to do in general.


Mike is engaged with building models of complex systems and is looking for a small group of specialists able to apply leverage.


Elizabeth said that if we approach a group we need to give then something to do, be it only to support the aims of Equality NW, and to show them a means of doing so.


Allan agreed that if we approach a group there needs to be something in it for them and wondered if an initial approach as Equality North West might be appropriate.


Mike informed us that the  Equality Trust has 370 members at the moment and that Faith Groups, for example, have a much larger audience.


Elizabeth responded that the Quakers find it relatively easy to get things done, both at local and national level, within their organisation but working in conjunction with other Faith Groups is more difficult. Many groups who are engaged with the disadvantaged see poverty as the root problem rather than inequality. She also mad the observation, accepted by all, that more of these other groups are beginning to realise that inequality is the root cause to the issue and my be persuaded, as a result, that addressing inequality alongside us will help their cause.


Allan suggested we should approach groups dealing with various symptoms/issues caused by inequality in order to explore overlaps in our joint objectives and focus our efforts on those operating in the North West region. We should begin to gather lists of contacts our current members have of organisations that might work alongside us or whose campaigns we support, as they advance our own cause.


Everyone agreed with this suggestion.

More detail to be given at the next meeting.

Elizabeth remarked that this small group wouldn't be able to perform all the actions necessary but we should coordinate the necessary work


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