In support of this initiative I wish to contribute with an extract from something I writed last year. It's from an assignment about leadership.

"In the relatively new area of study 'system thinking' 'flow' is a key concept that can be defined as how everything works from end to end in a system (Seddon 2008 p.35) . In psychology flow can be understood as the lack of threat that needs defending against, no disorder to untangle, effortless attention given to the task (Csikszentmihalyi 2002). In my reflections the common theme that is emerging, from my perspective, is a journey from one state to another and my leadership has the potential to either enhance or impede the 'flow'. But I am not alone in this process and there are many other people exercising leadership too, therefore I conclude by suggesting that ideal community leadership to be:


" Any purposeful individual or collective action that creates systemic and/or psychological flow."

Just a thought!

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I like that definition Bren. Most 'leaders' are would be's if they could be's in my opinion.

Got onto system thinking through Lorna. 
She put me onto 'Thinking in Systems' by Donella H Meadows - a great read.
Quotes from that book here:

Sounds fantastic! Intuitively seems to make a LOT of sense.


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