"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." Peter F. Drucker

*Addressing contemporary dilemmas with regard to the negation of leadership by recent social policy actors

* The trend towards new public management (NPM) theory since the 1980s and accelerated under New Labour has meant a focus on management to the detriment of leadership and values

* The trend towards NPM was also ideological - bound up in the neoliberal ascendancy and marketisation of public life

* NPM speicifically attacked notions of collective action, preferring to isolate and individualise social relations - the person as consumer rather cast adrift from the wider social bios

* The voluntary sector has mimiced NPL in its opeational norms, in pursuit of funds, hence the decline in independence and advocacy - it has become yet another (social) market

* Community development is attacked from within and without by managerialists and rival forms of community practice are promoted such as capacity building and community organising because they are more readily able to be co-opted and managed

* The dilemma remains: management over and above leadership as a means of hegemony or a more humanising and transformative vision of human possibility, whereby leadership is opened up for all - liberating leadership if you will

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