A space for people concerned with defending the rights of civil society to act independently, and hold to account, the state and other powerful political, business and financial interests.

NCIA is closing as an organisation in Autumn 2015, but this group will continue as a place for discourse about these issues.

NCIA campaigns to defend and promote the rights of civil society to act independently, and hold to account, the State and other powerful political, business and financial interests.

NCIA supports such action by individuals or groups for social justice, equality and solidarity. We are particularly interested in local action which makes a material difference to the conditions of daily life.

We believe in public services run by publicly accountable institutions. The role of voluntary services is to complement, challenge and test out new ways of meeting need: not to take the place of public services. We will oppose the privatisation of public services whether into the private sector or through voluntary services.

We assert the right to dissent, as part of a healthy democratic society. Power is not given but taken. Dissent – or at least the willingness to engage in some form of dissent – is required to challenge injustice and powerful interests and to push for alternatives. Dissent is particularly required when consensus, collaboration and negotiation has failed and where the stakes are high for individuals and communities. Without this capacity, the democratic role of voluntary action (or civil society) is fundamentally undermined.

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What NCIA is up to

NCIA is closing down in Autumn 2015. Our ten years of activism, research and publishing have resulted in an archive of free reports including the NCIA Inquiry into the Future of Voluntary Services 2015

We have set up Localism Watch, to record the impact of the Localism Act and for activists to share their responses.

Join the ActiVCSts facebook group and do our quiz, to find out what sort of dissenter you are. And get talking here on NatCAN on the action that's needed.

We also support the Agreement of the People.




Discussion Forum

Why aren't CVSs a local home for activism and dissent? 14 Replies

The NCIA Inquiry into local activism and dissent, heard from activists about the role of local Council's for Voluntary Services (CVSs). The feedback was critical: for their passive relationships with statutory bodies and in their collusion with…Continue

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the NCIA Inquiry into activism and dissent - what next? 9 Replies

So here's the lessons from the NCIA Inquiry, of where we need to head to..... 1. Alternative manifestos - the time has come to get beyond dissent and to join withothers in devising ideological and practical alternatives to injustice. But where are…Continue

Started by penny waterhouse. Last reply by Jeff Mowatt Jul 17, 2013.

How are you affected by the rise of UKIP? 4 Replies

 Adrian Barritt from Adur Voluntary Action finds himself with newly elected UKIP councillors, pondering about partnership working in this situation. Check out his thoughts on our page UKIP and voluntary action…Continue

Started by penny waterhouse. Last reply by PRS Admin May 17, 2013.

volunteers: cheap labour or free spirits? 4 Replies

just posted mark's viewpoint of volunteering on NCIA website. and this is what it sparked in me..... mark says....”volunteering is important”. But doesn't actually say why, tho it’s implicit. I’d be very interested to know the democratic role of…Continue

Started by penny waterhouse. Last reply by John Farrar Apr 22, 2013.

(Why) does dissent protect democracy? 7 Replies

We have now posted to our website a breakdown…Continue

Started by Laura NCIA. Last reply by Jeff Mowatt Apr 22, 2013.

NCIA Inquiry into voluntary services - can they survive? And survive as what?

The pressures on local voluntary groups providing services are immense and getting worse. Cuts in their funding... Increasing need from desperate communities..... Competition from predatory corporate agencies, whether private or voluntary .....…Continue

Started by penny waterhouse Apr 10, 2013.


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