Adrian Barritt from Adur Voluntary Action finds himself with newly elected UKIP councillors, pondering about partnership working in this situation. Check out his thoughts on our page UKIP and voluntary action here.


Adrian does a quick review of UKIP’s stated policies in the context of the relationship between the voluntary sector and local state, social cohesion, the environment, and internationalism.

He unpacks the UKIP appeal to localism and independence, giving serious attention to their colonisation of the concept of “local action”. He shows that the UKIP world does not address issues of social and economic equality, human or international rights. Their concept of “fairness” is stuck at the playground level. 

Adrian far should we work in partnership with those who espouse UKIP beliefs? If we hear some of these statements made locally by the newly elected local councillors, will we be challenging them? Even if UKIP take control of the local council that funds us? CVSs and similar organisations surely have a duty to offer a lead in this process?

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A common pattern with protest parties is that their local councillors quickly resign through boredom with actual local council work, general lack of commitment, etc. I expect the UKIP lot will be the same. How this impacts the power relations etc. between the remaining councillors and local VCS agencies I'd be curious to know.

UKIP is a good way of exposing people who have no idea of the world we live in and so they will have no lasting effect on anything.  The present general resentment about multinational corporations completely ignors the fact that we would not be chatting on the internet without globalisation.  It is the murderous scumbags who use globalisation to feed their meglomania who are the problem.   UKIP will fail and local action groups will still be around.  We do not have to actually do anything about UKIP they are trying to destroy the very principles that they rely on to get where they are today.... human rights.... they are human.

UKIP is Nigel Farage and Nigel Farage is not satan. He is however very calculating and at the moment is prepared to play the EU card for all it is worth. For example by calling the Edinburgh protesters 'fascists' he neatly put the boot on the other foot. By allowing him to have air time and by not broadcasting the protesters' view Today gave him a big win.

The real damage that is while UKIP continues its antics and Cameron tries to stop them, people are losing their means of getting by and no one seems to care - Labour, for example, will be happy to sit and watch the right burn its own house down. Who cares about a referendum when you've no job, no money, no food and nowhere to live?

UKIP is in the same position that the BNP was several years ago. Some investigation will root out where they have their snouts in the trough and it will the end.
The ludicrous part of their policy is that they want to leave the EC yet EC parliamentarians continually point out that Farage is one of the main recipients of EC largese


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