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In the early 1980's, a historical shift in the dominant economic system took place.This shift was not announced publicly, but rather crept into the public domain surreptitiously. The new policies acquired the name 'neoliberalism', a top down political project with the ideology that fulfilled the wildest dreams of big business and the wealthiest segment of society for the unregulated freedom to operate as they pleased, exclusively in their own interests and with little or no social or environmental considerations to worry about.

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Here's a job vacancy that may be of interest for a Community Engagement Specialist

This out-of-touch plan slipped out just before the bank holiday getaway, contains so many flaws that it surely can't be serious

Big Society Capital has been cautiously welcomed by the voluntary sector, but will it help your organisation?

The economic system we choose affects everything in our everyday lives. The economists' way of looking at the world goes a long way to explaining how we got into a situation that is life threatening for our whole civilisation.

Despite the world recession the number of billionaires across the globe has increased to 1,226

How is this possible?

Economics has evolved into an irrelevant and abstract tool of the ruling elite, based on the dubious assumption that natural resources are without limit and are there for the sole use of those who control them.

Indeed, if the objective of someone was to drive our civilisation to ruin, nothing could be more effective that the invention of the currently dominant economic system

When you complain about government policy, don't forget that our government was democratically elected

Looks like there might be a u-turn on the charity tax proposal

Last month saw the enactment of the Welfare Reform Act (9th March) and the Health and Social Care Act (20th March). The first will further impoverish the lives of hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in the land. The second will begin the wholesale dismantling and privatisation of the NHS. Whilst simultaneously the number of academy schools passes the halfway mark – that’s half of our schools outside of democratic control.

Where were the ‘charity executives’ when these measures were being proposed?

Text in red from Occupy World Street: A Global Roadmap for Radical Economic & Political Reform by Ross Jackson, published 2012

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