I've been following this wonderful blog called the Next Starfish by Steve Moreby for some time and the link with our starfish thinking just occurred to me.

Here's are story Steve shares to explain why he called his blog the Next Starfish

A man was walking along a beach at low tide the morning after a large storm. Thousands of starfish had been washed-up onto the beach and left stranded.

As he walked he came across a young girl carefully picking-up the starfish one by one, and carrying them back into the sea.

“What are you doing ?” the man asked.

“I’m putting these starfish back into the sea so they don’t dry out in the sun and die”, the girl answered.

“There are thousands of starfish washed-up on this beach”, said the man, “and you’re just a young girl saving one starfish at a time. What difference does it make” ?

The girl looked at the man, then put another starfish back into the water. “It made a difference to that one”, she replied.

The man stood in thought for a while. Then he began to help the girl collect starfish and put them back into the sea.

- adapted from a story by Loren Eiseley

Steve goes on to say:

Faced with a whole world full of problems, what difference can we as individuals possibly make ? Why would we even waste our time trying ?

The power of the story comes from the young girl’s answer – which shifts our perspective from our own, to that of the starfish.

There is also another change of perspective within the story; that of the man. Initially just an on-looker, his passive acceptance is challenged by witnessing the actions of the young girl –  who has made a choice to take part and engage to try and ‘make a difference’.

Of course we can’t solve all the world’s problems, but through our actions we can make a huge difference to the lives of others.

A message for those of us seeking to connect through CDX starfish meet-ups?

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Hiya, Shamsher told us the same story at CDX Board last Tuesday (file in "how weird is that? " dept)

It's a lovely story - random acts of kindness meets sphere of influence without all the boring theory :) Helping others and finding our own humanity = solving the problems one step at a time with love rather than trying to squeeze the universe into a ball and attack it- great!

and I've just realised there isn't a Noggin The Nog & The Starfish story (yet !) (so I've got another little task)

Really like this story. Makes you think doesn't it? Hope the starfish meetings we are doing are going to be like this. Simple trying to deal with things one at time.


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