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Cameron slips further and further right as the rest move left

Cameron and the right slip further and further as more and more poeple see Neoliberalism moving into dangerous areas and its obsesive move to shrink the state, this from a Oct paper "Slip Sliding Away" as Paul Simon put it


The Conservatives have not won a general election for more than 20 years. "The party is still stranded too far to the right from where most voters want them to be on public services and the economy. There is an absolutely clear consensus among academics…


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Bankrupt states – bankrupt system, super-rich rats seen leaving France

Things aren’t going well in Europe. France is totally bankrupt, according to employment minister Michel Sapin. According to the radio interview he actually said, “there is a state but it is a totally bankrupt state”. read more....

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is it possible to teach the feral rich when enough is enough?

You may remember this discussion, started Jeremy Mills from Equality NW, about an article by Owen Jones in the Independent http://bit.ly/UZ9paW
Now listen to this podcast, with Vanessa Baird New Internationalist co-editor and Owen Jones Chavs author and Independent columnist, on the feral rich (who are becoming…

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Sovereignty – Betrayals and Lies.

Hi All

We know not to take what we are told by certain people at face value so what could be behind the Prime Minister's interest in re-negotiating the terms of Britain's membership the EU?

David Malone has an interesting perspective:


Today the art of politics is to take public concern,  anger or bigotry and create a channel for it so that like flood water you can destroy one place or group while protecting another. Mr Cameron and his flag waving concern…


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Sir David Attenborough’s views on population control

TV naturalist Sir David Attenborough’s programmes are usually fascinating and informative but when it comes to his views on population control, he is talking rubbish. Reactionary rubbish at that.

“Human beings are a plague on the earth,” Attenborough says in an interview with theRadio Times. If we don’t limit “the frightening explosion in human numbers, the natural world will do it for us”.

Attenborough (president of the Malthusian Optimum Population Trust) calls for urgent…


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EU referendum also about who rules Britain

In raising questions about Britain’s membership of the European Union, the leader of the Tory Party has put constitutional questions about the state and democracy on the agenda. While David Cameron would like to confine these to the EU, we should make how Britain itself is governed the main question.

Read more here


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Oxfam's appeal to the World Economic Forum to 'do something' about inequality will fall on deaf ears

The real cause of growing global inequality

At a global level, the top 1% (60 million people), and particularly the even more select few in the top 0.01% (600,000 individuals – there are around 1,200 billionaires in the world), the last 30 years has been an incredible feeding frenzy.

Inequality has grown dramatically in many countries. In the US the share of national income going to the top 1% has doubled since 1980 from 10 to 20%. For the top 0.01% it has quadrupled to…


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Hope & Dreamers - University of Birmingham, Feb 14th

Apologies for the cut & paste job, but easiest way to pass this info on.  Just occurred to me that Owen Jones might be a Natcan member?  or even that the event has already been posted... 

HOPE not Hate and Barrow Cadbury Trust are delighted to announce that Carlos Saavedra, who for the last five years has been the national co-ordinator of United We…


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The Hornet's Sting

This is the story of a regional rail company that decided, in the face of a local petition signed by over 5,000 people,  to evict a small popular local coffee shop - and instead, give the lease to a yet another high street  chain.

Except it didn’t quite work out like that. What happened was totally unexpected and extraordinary. This blog is an attempt to make sense of what happened and share what I learned about the use of Twitter and a rather clunky online platform called…


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Some small thoughts – On the power-struggle between ‘money’ and debt

Think back to the neo-liberal glory years when every ‘right thinking’ person could see clearly that governments simply had to be shrunk and their spending and debt reduced. Isn’t it interesting that this was also the era when the old limits on bank leverage  - how much the banks could print – were removed. It was also the era, or the dawn of it at least, of the vast increase in personal debt. Debt was regarded as a mark of being savvy. The slick people knew how to move money from one card to…


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Virgin joins no-tax Amazon and Starbucks in bonanza for private sector in NHS 'level playing field'

More than 100 healthcare companies are rubbing their hands at the prospect of a major expansion of private, for-profit service provision in the National Health Service. They are also plotting to maximise their profits by sidestepping tax and VAT bills.

The ConDem coalition is encouraging Primary Care Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups to contract with “any qualified provider”, whilst enforcing the discipline of the market through the regulator Monitor. 


Virgin Care,…


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Davos elites warn of "perfect global storm" threat

Listening to the ConDems lecturing the low-waged and unemployed about “fairness” as they cut their state benefits when measured against inflation, reinforces the view of a government at war with ordinary people while protecting the rich and powerful.

The policy adds weight to the contents of the latest edition of Global Risks, which the World Economic Forum produces each year before the world’s ruling…


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The search for a new constitution - on both sides of the pond

Let's Give up on the Constitution.....This article in the New York Times is relevant to the project for an Agreement of the People for the 21st Century....."As the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal…


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Britain is now the most unequal country in the Western world

"Britain is now the most unequal country in the Western world, an authoritative new United Nations report reveals. The gap between rich and poor is as great as in Nigeria.

Detailed statistics in the Human Development Report published last week also demonstrate that inequality has grown sharply during Conservative rule and that the poor in Britain now have to live on much the same incomes as their…


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World Partnerships. Outrageous. It's about time.

     Consider global bilateral friendships. Partnerships if you will, between the Have and Have Not countries. It's the neighborhood Big Brother concept applied wholesale to the international community. Here is an initiative that calls for cooperation between cultural equals despite the wide gaps in technology, capital and organization.

    The world consists of a hundred and ninety-two countries. Exactly half can be categorized as developing nations. The concept of world partnerships…


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'Fiscal cliff' deal robs US workers

Given that the last-minute deal in Congress was designed to avert the US economy falling over a self-imposed “fiscal cliff”, the best way to picture the outcome is to imagine a cartoon of the two main parties locked together as they cross the precipice.

Now they’re hanging in mid-air, still pummelling each other with nothing beneath them as millions stand fearfully watching and looking over the edge. But there’s something else. The two contestants each have a hand extended, and…


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