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Anarchists in the Boardroom

For too long, voluntary sector, NGO, community organisations and social enterprises have unquestioningly adopted the organising structures of industrialism, even when these approaches have been at odds with the values they are trying to create in the world.

As the 21st Century rolled-around, this incompatibility become all-the-more stark, as not only were our organisational structures at odds with our values, they were also not very effective at navigating the networked,…

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Actions in London on Friday 23rd in solidarity with demands to open for Palestinians Shuhada' Str in Hebron,

Plese see below the article and the pictures about the actions, publihed in the Mondoweiss




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NHS Civil Society Assembly mooted

The NHS Commissioning Board has proposed a "Civil Society Assembly" in the wake of the Mid Staffs scandal. The paper openly refers to "the usual suspects", and their wish to avoid said groups/individuals. It's a nice thought but, having attended various LINk, HealthWatch and other health & social care events, I'm not sure how this can realistically be achieved.  There are so many different [unfortunately competing] interests, that it always ends up being those who are already in the…


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Divided World, Divided Class:

Picked this up from an email list. Not read it but thought NatCAN types may have/be interested. The original poster was interested in comments on it... could feed them back maybe...

new book by 'Zak Cope' -

“Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism”

pro review …


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Urban Forum Network News

Hi Everyone,

I'm Tony Hillman from Urban Forum.

Our latest Network News is now viewable at our website by following this link.

In it you'll find links to a policy briefing on the new Social Value Act, and our thoughts on it via a blog post.

Then there's the findings of our survey on how people are using social media and online…


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fiddling with the data while the world burns

Today, there is simply no excuse for the denial of climate science, often exemplified at its most egregious in the UK by the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, influential newspapers with large circulations of around two million each. Columnist James Delingpole and reporter David Rose can lay claim to being the worst and most persistent offenders. Delingpole wrongly asserted last October that the UK Met Office 'has finally conceded what other scientists have…


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Setting Priorities for Local Healthwatch

As local Healthwatch organisations get ready to begin delivery from April what factors should they take into account when setting priorities?

Here are some thoughts from a talk I gave at a recent Healthwatch England conference in Leeds.

What do you think?

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Real democracy needs a new constitution

Watching the impressive Steven Spielberg film Lincoln brought home how important a constitution is to a country and the momentous, often historic, struggle it takes to bring it into line with contemporary social circumstances.The original US constitution gave effect to the American revolution that threw off British colonial rule. Lincoln’s 13th amendment, which is the subject of the movie, put in writing what had happened on the battlefields of the Civil War by outlawing slavery…


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PhD in Stupidity - and more.

Hi All
Below are snips from an article concerning events across the pond. Hope they prompt you to read the entire article and then to comment.

Of course, mainstream media faux journalists aren’t paid to inquire, think critically, or even think at all. They are paid to regurgitate propaganda designed to keep the masses sedated and ignorant.

The Federal government induced sham auto…

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Participation is good for everyone

People support what they create – (Margaret Wheatley, ‘Leadership & The New Science)

In difficult times it is very tempting to cut corners and just go for it. Who needs to wait around to see what others are thinking? It’s time for Leadership: firm, decisive, sleeves-rolled-up,  no-nonsense, old-fashioned ... and who needs the touchy-feely communications and reflection stuff? It’s a luxury at times like this? Isn’t it?

No, it isn’t. And…


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Modernising Money

After two years of research, and writing, and more research, and more writing, Andrew Jackson and Ben Dyson have completed the book ‘Modernising Money’, which documents, in more detail than ever before, exactly how we could fix the monetary system for the benefit of business, society, and the environment.
These proposals offer one of the few hopes of…

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A more comprehensive account of the video involving the class system

Here on this link is a deeper and more detailed account of the serious problems we all face and our need to confront these as soon as possible.

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Osbornes worry on re election

'We will be sitting around the shadow cabinet table':

Osborne's grim joke on Tories election prospects.

Read More…


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