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5 Forms Of NHS Privatisation You Should Know About

Anyone who knows what’s happening to the NHS should know that a large part of its budget is now controlled by CCGs, who are forced to offer NHS contracts up to private companies (“Any Qualified Provider”). You’d be forgiven for thinking that was the only form of privatisation taking place in the NHS. It’s not. Here are five forms of NHS privatisation that you really should know about.…


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One-Room School and Reclaiming Economic Sovereignty - Cormac Russell

Cormac Russel will host the Manchester Assembly for Democracy

Together with John McKnight and Peter Block he has posted this excellent blog

What does a one-room schoolhouse in Michigan have to do with Greece, Europe, Democracy and the now floundering economic…


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"What is Democratic Engagement”

Click this link for the recording of the webiniar "What is Democratic Engagement”

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The Lamps Are Coming On All Over Europe - George Monbiot

See this most welcome article about democracy from George Monbiot, which includes:

Now, it seems, another world is here: the sudden death of the neoliberal consensus. Any party that claims to belong to the left but does not grasp this is finished.

A survey by the website …


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