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The Future of Identity - Foresight study


Interested to see who the rest of the 'experts' are.  Bet they won't be people who struggle with the notion of identity!  - wouldn't be experts if they didn't know the answers... or think they do.

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U-CAN (Universal Community Action Network)

Several years ago, I had been impressed with the work done by Community Action Network and its members.  In fact they inspired me but it wasn't until after seeing the film, The Secret (you either love it or hate it :), that I set up my website now known as Universal Community Action Network (U-CAN for short).


Slowly I have been making contact with others who want to help make this world a better place in which to live.  Anyone who thinks that a paradise earth will come about…


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Troubled Families

I met someone at an event in Brum last year who told me about this project before any national announcements; it sounded like a sound idea at the time, but my enthusiasm was definitely curbed after reading the CLG press release.  DWP sharing information with councils... that's so benefit can be docked if families refuse to toe the line?  Councils have…


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The Budget 2012: Let’s rearrange those deckchairs boys!

Budget day today, however, this is not the place for a full analysis of the ongoing deckchair rearrangement.

We here at Positive Money just wanted to remind Osborne, Cameron and Clegg that there is an alternative to selling off anything not nailed down (motorways don't need nailing).

In 1844 a Conservative government, lead by Sir Robert Peel, passed the 1844 Bank of England Bill. This Bill outlawed the creation of money by private banks, after they unsurprisingly went a…


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too many words

I can only speak for myself as I am only 1 in 7 billion.

I am against capitalism but regard money as a standard medium of exchange.

Percentages are used to disguise real money.

Compound interest causes slavery.

Heredity gives money to the worthless.

Soldiers are paid to murder.

Weapons are made to kill and destroy.

Financial services create no wealth.

Bankers are simply money lenders.

Insurers are gamblers.

The 'global…


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From Guardian Healthcare Network - coproduction

240 CCGs, 4 regional hubs, 50 local offices .. all of which will employ ex-PCT/SHA staff -- deckchairs ,,, Titanic ..?

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Guides to community rights

LGA Guide for councillors on local assets + CLG guide to neighbourhood planning.



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Walk Out Walk On

I just picked this up in twitter (thanks, @hackofalltrades)

Here are some excerpts from one of the pages:

All systems go through lifecycles. There’s progress, setbacks, seasons. When a new effort begins, it feels like spring. People are excited by new possibilities, innovations and ideas abound, problems get solved, people feel inspired and motivated to contribute. It all works very… Continue

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Don’t Bank on the Bomb!

Have you ever wondered what kind of companies your bank invests in and who it lends to? According to a new report by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), the answer could be that your bank…


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Professor Margaret Leadwith - Another World is Possible

Hi All

Professor Margaret Leadwith, a keynote speaker, had to pull out of our conference at the last minute due so sickness. She has since written this paper (below), 'Another World Is Possible', concerning what she would have said had she been able to attend.

You may like to comment on it in this discussion

Another World is Possible!…


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Does NatCAN need a jargon-buster?

At our recent Preston event, one person said to me that he’d never feel involved if we kept using that language; he felt like we’d been using a dictionary which the outside world wouldn’t understand either. And that would limit NatCAN’s appeal...

It’s tricky because some of the long words save a load of sentences: “neo-liberalism”, for starters. But if you don’t know a) what they mean or b) what the speaker thinks they mean, it’s a bit like walking into GCSE Latin half-way…


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Community organisers - heads up on R4 programme

Wednesday 7th March, 11am - first of two programmes.

Added by Kate Gordon on March 4, 2012 at 18:00 — 3 Comments

March 2012 is Move Your Money Month!

Move Your Money Month begins today!

It was initiated by campaign group Move Your Money UK.…


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