March 2015 Blog Posts (5)

Transforming Finance – Priorities for the next Parliament

The 2015 election will be nearly 7 years after the financial crisis of 2008, yet the root causes of that crisis have barely been addressed by any mainstream political party. We believe there are five major change that the next government should put in place to create a finance system that serves the needs of society, environment and wider economy.…


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Suing the Queen of England, the Bank of Canada, and three ministers for a conspiracy!!!!!!

Suggest you read this article carefully and consider the implications for the entire banking system.


It would be easy to assume the people suing the Queen of England, the Bank of Canada, and three ministers for a conspiracy against “all Canadians” wear tinfoil hats.

They don’t. They may be conspiracy theorists, but they are also intelligent, thoughtful…


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The Rise of Mass Poverty in the UK

Why has poverty doubled over last 30 years as the UK has become twice as wealthy?

See here for a review on the book 'Breadline Britain'.…


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What It's Like When You're An American Using Britain's NHS By Jim Edwards

I've spent half my life in the US and half of it in the UK, so I'm used to both countries' healthcare systems. I recently returned to London after 20 years in America, and after a few doctors' appointments I've come to see the NHS through American eyes.

The National Health Service is, as all Americans know and fear, a completely public "socialized medicine" system. It's dramatically different from the US's patchwork system of private providers and insurance…


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Henry Tam speaks up for the "Cooperative Gestalt"

It seems to me that Henry Tam is this country's foremost speaker on communitarianism. To my mind, it is this perspective which would inevitably have to be the heart of any substantive progressive political shift - and yet these concepts are still hardly recognized by most politically-minded folk - at every level. I have yet to encounter a politician who emphasizes consideration for others, and cooperation with…


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