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Who are the Citizen Champions for Health?

At a local level there are a growing number of specialist citizen champions tackling the social determinants of health - we need to be supporting them all. 


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M/cr & Salford Anti Bedroom Tax March

Sat, 20 April 2013
M/cr & Salford Anti Bedroom Tax March.
Assemble : 1pm Mocha Parade, Lower Broughton Rd Salford 7
Departs 1.30pm. March to meet with Manchester at Albert Square.

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Community Development

maybe not as NATCAN people know it??


"Community Development’ sees the local population as an asset not a drawback, providing answers, not creating problems. Working with and developing communities will make commissioning better, easier…


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Civil unrest

 In almost every single instance of recorded civil war, the conflict has been orchestrated by a third party for a third party's gain.

The American Civil war was orchestrated by the British to end the autonomy of the south for example.

But an obvious one to watch right now would be Libya of course.

No........ Britain will not see a civil war in my view, if for no other reason than there is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost.

Britain may well soon be in a political…


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Great stuff I'm impressed by his persistence and triumph as the BBC can lean a little sometimes. 

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BBC admit their video was misleading about banks

The Positive Money Website says

"The BBC produced a Video entitled “How do Banks Work?” which sought to explain the principles of banking and the role played by banking in relation to the global financial crisis. The video gave amisleading impression of the way banks work by failing to note their role as creators of money, and this role in leading up to the crisis."

read more at…


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Aux armes, Citoyens

The sheer arrogance of the Tories and their Lib Dem poodles as they go about making the poorest and the most vulnerable targets for benefit cuts increasingly makes them resemble the French court on the eve of the revolution of 1789.

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lived the life of aristocratic indifference while the majority of French peasants could not afford bread because of rising prices. While the queen may never have uttered the immortal phrase “let them eat cake”, she might as…


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Holiday reads

Relaxing stuff for a bank holiday evening 

Kings Fund updated timeline on changes to NHS organisation 


DH interactive guide to new health & social care landscape…


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