April 2015 Blog Posts (2)

A Crisis General Election as the System Unravels - A World to Win

A tired, outdated and unrepresentative political system is unravelling before our very eyes amidst a general election campaign that has degenerated into outright deception and desperation on the part of the mainstream parties.

The outcome after May 7 cannot possibly fulfil the hopes of an effectively disenfranchised electorate. Voters show little faith or confidence in a representative democracy which in practice represents corporate and financial interests…


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A Smart Green Third Industrial Revolution 2015 - 2020

The EU economy is slowing, productivity is waning, and unemployment remains stubbornly high. The question being raised with increasing urgency is how to rekindle “The European Dream.” The EU owes its success to a forward thinking series of economic and social visions that have motivated member states and the citizenry to continue on a common journey: the Maastricht Treaty, creating a political Union; the introduction of the Euro, to establish a Monetary Union; the enlargement of…


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