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Food banks report record demand amid universal credit chaos - the Guardian

Food banks handed out a record number of meals last year after the chaotic introduction of universal credit, the government’s flagship welfare overhaul, left claimants unable to afford meals when their benefits were delayed.

The Trussell…


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'Our health care is at its greatest point of crisis' - Dr David Wrigley

Lancashire GP Dr David Wrigley is a senior member of the British Medical Association. In a personal view, he outlines the crisis health and social care confronting doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.

Doctors are desperate. They have never known…


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Rents are rising so the renters are rising too - Red Pepper.

Not so long ago I knocked on a door in a freezing cold, rain-soaked street in Easton, Bristol. The house had water leaking through an unfinished kitchen ceiling and the floor was rotten.

In Easton 70% of homes are sub-standard – and rents rose…


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Corbyn and the Peoples’ Bank of England - Jo Mitchell

Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal for ‘Peoples’ Quantitative Easing’ — public investment paid for using money printed by the Bank of England — has provoked criticism, including an intervention by Labour’s shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie. It seems the anti-Corbyn wing of the Labour party has…


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Arctic meltdown: Sea and land ice are cracking up at a record pace - Joe Romm

Driven by warming air and water temperatures, Arctic sea ice continues its death spiral. A big new crack has been found in a major outlet glacier of the Greenland ice sheet, whose disintegration is speeding up.

Last month set records for the lowest…


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Has the West Lost Its Mind? - Umair Haque

Surveying the daily wreckage of Trump and Brexit, it’s only natural to wonder: has the West lost its goddamned mind?

I think the answer is the opposite: the West is too much mind. And too little…everything else. Eyes, hands, action, soul, heart.…


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Fear And Loathing in Dublin - David Malone

Once again, my friend Jonathan Sugarman, the Irish/UniCredit whistleblower, is to appear before a public body and attempt to put on the record what those in power and their friends in the banks have tried for a decade to suppress.

On Thursday Jonathan is to testify before The Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, and Taoiseach. Jonathan was invited to testify some weeks ago. The invitation was for…


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Thousands of British children exposed to illegal levels of air pollution - the Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of children are being exposed to illegal levels of damaging air pollution from diesel vehicles at schools and nurseries across England and Wales, a joint investigation by the Guardian and Greenpeace’s investigations unit has revealed.…


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How health care is funded - The King's Fund

The NHS is experiencing the longest and most severe slowdown in funding in its history. This has raised questions about the sustainability of its funding model.

The way that health care is funded varies between different countries. Here we explain the main models used to finance health care: taxation, private health insurance and social health insurance. We outline how each model works in its purest form, while…


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