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Benefit cap could drop 40,000 children into poverty, leaked memo warns - The Guardian

Tens of thousands of children face being plunged into poverty by government plans to lower the household benefit cap, leaked advice to ministers shows.

The reduction in the upper limit of what families will now be able to claim annually from £26,000 to £23,000 was announced in Wednesday’s Queen’s speech.

Ministers claim changes to the cap contained in the forthcoming employment and welfare benefits bill will deliver fairness for the taxpayer “while continuing to provide…


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The British left must learn to speak a new language – Spanish by Owen Jones

See this article by Owen Jones, which includes:

The left in Britain is still in shock. We did not have time to emotionally prepare ourselves for a Tory majority government, because the pollsters and analysts with their fancy graphs and scientific formulas were insistent that the election race was neck and neck, despite the travesty that was the Labour…


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Three Crunch Points on Climate Change This Summer - Guy Shurbsole

Britain has a new government, and the climate movement is suddenly facing new challenges.

Three crucial decisions will be made this June with huge implications for the fight against climate change – on fracking, on opencast coal, and on a new runway in the South East.

Each of these will have huge impacts on wider struggles the climate movement is engaged in: stopping a renewed dash for gas that could break carbon targets; bringing an end to our use of dirty coal; and…


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Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation talks about building the 'Northern Powerhouse'.

This is an eleven minute podcast on the devolving of power to northern cities, starting with Manchester


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Interesting developments in 'new financial architecture' Anna People may know that yesterday was the deadline for nations t…

Interesting developments in 'new financial architecture'


People may know that yesterday was the deadline for nations to apply as founding members of the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, being sponsored by China, and by yesterday's deadline, despite the fact that the Obama Administration… Continue

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The Crisis of Democracy in the UK - New Compass

Assemblies for Democracy is a new organisation aiming to move towards real democracy in the UK.

As a General Election approached, the group held inaugural assemblies in Glasgow, Manchester and London. They examined the ‘democracy question’: how the current system…


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Obama's plans for trade deals with Asia and Europe in tatters after Senate vote - The Guardian

Good news at last:

Barack Obama’s ambitions to pass sweeping new free trade agreements with Asia and Europe fell at the first hurdle on Tuesday as Senate Democrats put concerns about US manufacturing jobs ahead of arguments that the deals would boost global economic growth.…


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Why the British Labour Party is in a Tail Spin - Tim Pendry

With the future of the Labour Party in doubt, see this thoughtful article by Tim Pendry, which ends with:

By removing socialism and replacing it with an eighteenth century concept of 'interest', Labour has undercut its only means of undermining conservatism and the ruling elite in the long term, even if it could carry it off well in the short term. New Labour was an unsustainable political model. We may be about to see the…


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Economic Policy Over the Next Five Years - New Economics Foundation

Guest host Huw Jordan chats to James Meadway, Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation, about the results of last week's general election and the implications for economic policy over the next five years.

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Now is the time to love, to learn, and to listen - Joel Lazarus

I have come to realise that, whatever my political future holds, I will never be a good strategist. I am too emotional, too raw. For me, to cite the oft-used phrase coined by Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci, my ‘optimism of the will’ too easily dominates any ‘pessimism of the intellect’. I can work on it, but that’s probably something I have to accept. Therefore, my response to today’s resounding Tory victory will not be an analytical one. Instead I wish to make an impassioned,…


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Why we must break through to a real democracy - A World to Win's post-election analysis

The Tory election victory cannot disguise the continuing break-up of the political-state system of rule and will actually hasten it. Over 75% of the UK electorate is unrepresented in any meaningful way while Scotland’s anti-austerity aspirations are blocked.

What appears as a shock result belies a deep-going process of transformation, opening a period of political volatility of rising demands for rights that test and will break the limits of parliamentary democracy. Although turn-out…


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‘Election Dealmakers and Dealbreakers’ - New Economics Foundation

With the election looming, Kirsty Styles chats to James Meadway, Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation, about the deals each of the political parties might conceivably do on economic policy.


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There is no economy on a dead planet

Our current economic model, commonly referred to as neo-liberalism, now dominates every corner of the earth. Thatcher and Reagan won. They sold us on an ideology of competition in every aspect of life. They began the process of removing as many barriers to competition as…


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