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How Britain’s Propaganda Machine Controls What You Think

On the one hand, just five individual Billionaires in Britain get to control 80% what you read in printed media and on the other hand, just five Internet Service Providers get to control what 87% of people get to see on their devices. Both are heavily influenced by government. It…


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Why Corbyn is right about terrorism - Owen Jones

The only individuals responsible for terrorism are terrorists themselves. The world is not lacking for people with grievances. The vast majority would never contemplate slaughtering innocent people: they would abhor the very idea. That’s exactly what Jeremy Corbyn says in his…


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Britain’s security: Are we ready for an honest talk? - Roger C.

Once again Britain has been hit by an attack that has left scores devastated. Britain’s security is understandably at the forefront of people’s minds and a great many emotional reactions to the incident come first before rational debate can dominate.…


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Why Jeremy Corbyn has the best long-term plan for tackling terrorism on British soil - Dr Kadira Pethiyagoda

Tragic terror attacks like that in Manchester, inspiring fear and anger, often drive voters to back the incumbent. It is ironic then that one of the essential long-term solutions to the terror threat lies within the foreign policy agenda articulated by leader of the Labour Party,…


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Dementia tax: To soften us up for US style health insurance. - Roger C.

Since the Tories launched their woeful manifesto for the 2017 election, focus has been primarily on their highly controversially proposed ‘dementia tax’. In a nutshell, the Tories were planning on forcing families to take out insurance to cover social care, with the elderly…


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Saving Britain by taxing the rich - Paul Mason

Labour is raising income tax to pay for the NHS and elderly care. It’s raising a wealth tax to pay for sending students to university for free. It’s reversing George Osborne’s cuts to corporation tax to pay for revolutionary new…


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Labour’s manifesto: a triumph of leadership and hope over cynicism and despair - Jeff Goulding

As I reflect upon the Labour Party manifesto, I am struck by its breadth and scope. It is the most transformational programme offered by any political party, certainly in my lifetime and possibly since the post-war Attlee government. It offers real solutions to the problems faced by…


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Want a revolution? Vote to save the NHS

You say you want a revolution but, well, you know, it’s all in the head.

The last time Britain had truly had enough of the type of politics of the Tories was…


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Labour party’s future lies with Momentum, says Noam Chomsky

Professor Noam Chomsky has claimed that any serious future for the Labour party must come from the leftwing pressure group Momentum and the army of new members attracted by the party’s leadership.

In an interview with the Guardian, the radical…


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International tribunal finds Monsanto guilty of crimes against humanity

Is Monsanto, the corporate scourge of the Earth, finally going to pay for its crimes? If the International Monsanto Tribunal has any say in the matter, the answer to that question appears to be an emphatic “Yes.” The tribunal, based in Hague, Netherlands, describes itself as “an…


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Carbon pollution is suffocating ocean life and speeding up the next mass extinction - Joe Romm

Depletion of dissolved oxygen in our oceans, which can cause dead zones, is occurring much faster than expected, a new study finds.

And by combining oxygen loss with ever-worsening ocean warming and acidification, humans are re-creating the…


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How we intend to build a democracy that works for everyone - Tim Hughes

Today marks 100 days since I took over as director of Involve. Over that time we’ve been hard at work to develop a new strategy for the organisation that both responds to the current context — turning the tide back in favour of an open, participatory and deliberative democracy — and builds towards a long-term transformation of our political system.…


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