June 2014 Blog Posts (5)

Cameron is changing trespass law so frackers can drill under your house

You  might like to listen in to this webinar about frackin on July 3rd, starting at 7.00 but log in at 6.45

• Cameron is changing trespass law so frackers can drill under your house

• The Scottish government is letting fracking companies decide their own "buffer zones" 

• Planning law has been reframed so people have no say in what happens in their…


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Trade Deals & The Death of Democracy - David Malone

By now you should all be familiar with David Malone, BBC television documentary producer, author of The Debt Generation and…

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If you want a useful qualification then have a look at this!

Members of NatCAN are a clever bunch and so are most people I've met in the community work field. Sometimes though there may not be a way in to Higher Education no matter how much experience you have. This course might be an answer Community and Social Care Foundation Entry…


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Savage capitalism is back – and it will not tame itself. David Graeber

Here's a couple of pargraphs from a thoughtful article by David Graeber.

Some of the comments to it are really good

The real importance ofThomas Piketty's blockbuster,'Capital in the 21st Centrury, is that it demonstrates, in excruciating detail (and this remains true despite some predictable petty squabbling) that,in the case of at…


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Reset the Net - Protect Youself From Online Surveillance

Some of the world's largest websites are planning a coordinated day of action on Thursday (une 5th) to oppose mass surveillance online.

The sites, which include Reddit, Imgur and BoingBoing, will be taking part in the campaign, called "Reset the Net", in a number of ways.

Some will showing a splash screen to all users, reminiscent of the one used in the successful protests against SOPA, the US copyright bill which many feared would…


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