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Defend Greek people against the Troika’s coup d’état

The financial crisis sweeping impoverished Greece alongside the turmoil in global markets, is the outcome of the resistance by an elected anti-austerity government to a political coup plotted by a notorious Troika of undemocratic institutions.

The International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission continue to demand unconditional surrender from the Syriza government to their terms for continuing with debt support.

Their refusal to renegotiate an…


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The Bank of England let the cat out of the bag by Ellen Brown

In March 2014, the Bank of England let the cat out of the bag: money is just an IOU

And that could help explain the desperate rush to "fast track" not only the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), but the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). TiSA would nip attempts to implement public banking and other monetary reforms in the bud.

The BOE report confirmed what money reformers have been saying for decades: that…


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New Economics Foundation Podcast - Rethinking Economics

Kirsty Styles chats to special guest Yuan Yang, co-founder of Rethinking Economics, an international network of students campaigning for better economics education.



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Looking Back to Look Forward: the intellectual heritage of Asset-Based Community Development

What a week, we’ve just finished the ABCD Festival where we celebrated with people from 17 countries. We revelled in the greatness of small, local, and organic things. And we weren’t alone, yesterday we trended at number 6 in the UK on Twitter for over two hours, then drop to number ten for a further hour; and we also trended at number 9 in Canada.…


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Engaging Communities through Discussion and Debate

If the subject grabs your attention then the webinar held on that topic needs to be seen. A very useful web-tool is described that facilitates voting after democratic debate.

CLICK HERE for a the recording of the…


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A Beginner's Guide to Neoliberalism #1: The Basics

In the first of a special series for the Weekly Economics Podcast Kirsty Styles chats to James Meadway, Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation, about our economic system, the difference between capitalism and neoliberalism and how neoliberalism came to dominate modern day economics.…


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Bilderberg 2015: TTIP and a travesty of transparency - Charlie Skelton

When it comes to transparency, this year’s Bilderberg summit fails in every way imaginable. Three prime ministers, two foreign ministers, one president, no press conference. No public oversight. Just a bunch of senior policymakers locked away for three days with some incredibly powerful corporate lobbyists, discussing subjects intimately related to public policy. Subjects such as “globalisation” and “current economic issues”, which in practical…


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the chancellor's plans to sell the taxpayer's stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Kirsty chats to special guest Christine Berry, a researcher in the economy and finance team at the New Economics Foundation, about the chancellor's plans to sell the taxpayer's stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland.


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What if David Cameron is an evil genius? - by Frankie Boyle

‘They abolished the Human Rights Act” sounds like the first sentence of an Aldous Huxley novel. The Conservatives actually campaigned on a manifesto pledge to get rid of human rights and people voted for it. As electoral choices go, it’s not far off choosing to be ruled by a dry, whispering voice taunting you from an antique mirror.…


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The Queen's Speech and Tax

Kirsty and James from the New Economics Foundation delve into the Queen's Speech to take a look at the government's plans on tax

Click this link …


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