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Why the British said no to Europe - John Pilger

Most of us will know John Pilger (and if you don't you should).

Here's what he has to say about us saying no to Europe.

The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy. Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking…


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Brexit: Silver Linings Playbook - Compass

Where to start?

Shock, bewilderment, sadness, anger. Not just because the country will now take the extraordinary step of walking its own plank to Brexit – but because of how divided our country, and its constituent countries, have become, and how impotent its political, democratic and party system is in terms of dealing with the one thing it needs to help us do – learn how to live together.

Because our democracy is so broken, the referendum became a blank ballot paper onto…


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This vote shows that people do care about democracy - Jeremy Gilbert

I'm going to keep saying this again and again and again.

The vote is not just a vote against austerity and it is not just a vote for xenophobia.

It is also a desperate vote against a situation in which the mechanisms of representative democracy have completely broken down. The policy agendas pursued by successive governments since the 1970s have not matched the express desires of voters, whether the issue was immigration or the privatisation of public services. The EU…


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Brexit wins. An illusion dies. What now for the radical left in Labour and beyond? - Paul Mason

Britain has voted to leave the EU. The reason? A large section of the working class, concentrated in towns and cities that have been quietly devastated by free-market economics, decided they’d had enough.

Enough bleakness, enough ruined high streets, enough minimum wage jobs, and enough lies and fearmongering from the political class.

The issue that catalysed the vote for Brexit was the massive, unplanned migration from Europe that began after the accession of the A8…


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Choose Project Real Democracy over Project Fear

This from A World to Win, arguing for a leave vote.

The way in which Project Fear has saturated both sides of the official European Union referendum campaigns is reason enough to reject them and replace Westminster’s discredited political system with Project Real Democracy.

An issue at the heart of the UK’s broken constitution has been overwhelmed by rhetoric, half-truths, lies, deceptions and fearful predictions of what will happen…


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The road to Brexit: 16 things you need to know about what will happen if we vote to leave the EU - The Constitution Unit

The road to Brexit: 16 things you need to know about what will happen if we vote to leave the EU

Posted on June 20, 2016 by The Constitution Unit

me 2015 (large)

  Alan Renwick

As the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU draws closer, the result is impossible to predict. Many are asking what, in practical terms, would happen if we vote…


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The Brexit Nightmare - Tom Walker

The left wing advocates of an Out vote were right about one thing: the immediate consequence of the vote to leave the EU was a crisis in the Tory party. In the small hours after referendum day, as the count drew to a close, David Cameron announced his resignation – and by the next morning George Osborne had…


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Awakening from a Nightmare: Hope in an Out vote - Michael Calderbank

I found the arguments for a ‘Lexit’ (an internationalist Left Exit, as opposed to a nationalist Brexit) pretty compelling, but I never believed that a vote to leave the EU in June’s referendum was remotely likely. When, with a week to go, a shock seemed on the cards, I wasn’t at all surprised to see the entire…


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