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An Election Reflection, and a Shout Out to Irony - Stephen Moore

We need a general election and we need one now because we have at this moment a one-off chance to get this done while the European Union agrees its negotiating position and before the detailed talks begin…I thought about this long and hard and came to the…


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Half Chewed Humble Pie: Labour’s Right, down but not out.- Roger C.

So the general election is starting to fade and the effect of Labour’s shock successes, that forced Labour’s parasitical ‘wreckers’ to faux grasp faux humble pie, has started to fade too. During the election I metaphorically held my nose when the likes of Wes Streeting received support for their election campaigns but I think it’s safe to reflect on the election now and safe to reflect on Labour’s continued internal problems.…


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Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s the Ugly but True Answer - Zaron Burnett

Hafez al-Assad

If you catch news of the Syrian conflict, it seems like a narrative that’s knotted and frayed, impossible to untangle. However, it’s not, if you pull on the right thread.

When the world learned that the…


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To prevent fires in Britain, Neocons must stop lighting them overseas - Neil Clark

The Grenfell Tower fire in West London, which has killed at least 58 people and left many more homeless, is a shocking indictment of the UK's neoliberal/neo-conservative Establishment and their warped priorities.

We don’t have, it seems, enough money for all tower blocks in the country to be fitted with sprinklers and for adequate fire safety measures to be in place, but we do have enough to set fire to a series of secular…


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#Grenfell Tower – act against system failure

Grenfell Tower in flames The anger mixed with compassion over the Grenfell Tower fire is threatening to turn into a conflagration of its own as the estimated number of dead soars.

The wave of support by local communities is in sharp contrast to the cruelty that now dominates a system.  The few luxuriate in obscene wealth while the many struggle to survive.

It is crystal clear that the shocking casualties in west London were entirely avoidable. Repeated pleas and warnings by residents about…


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Labour’s vision for Britain is of the people, for the people - Roger C.

Thursday’s election unequivocally proved that Labour’s current leadership have a vision for Britain that the public want to pursue, they have cut through the negative narrative that was engineered to thwart them and deny Britain an opposition and an alternative to the self-serving…


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Brexit can wait. Democracy can’t. Demand a new election now!

Demand new election now

The popular social movement that swept Jeremy Corbyn to within touching distance of Downing Street should be sustained until the illegitimate, Tory-DUP government is removed from office and another election held.

Theresa May has no mandate to rule, having lost her overall majority by gambling on an unnecessary general election. The aim was to shore up her position inside the Tory Party. Instead, she is now a lame duck, a prime minister without authority both inside…


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From caretaker leader to squatter: Theresa May must resign - Roger C.

I have argued for some time that Theresa May would not survive long as leader of the Tories due to her absolute lack of support and popularity within her own party. I have argued that May was a ‘caretaker’ leader, who would be permitted to get the brexit ball rolling but who would be replaced before a general election. I have also argued that she called the election on the 8th June as a means of shoring up her leadership in the face of an imminent leadership…


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A vote for Labour is a vote for yourself - Joel Lazarus


Anyway, here we are on the eve of another general election. I just want to make one main point – that a vote for Labour is really a vote of confidence in yourself, in ourselves, in society, in hope. I’ll explain what I mean in a second, but, first, this statement comes with a massive caveat: if you are in a constituency where Labour cannot win, but…


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The Intolerance Of Theresa May And We Should All Be Afraid - Roger c.

In the wake of the London Bridge attack, Theresa May has despicably attempted to exploit her address as Prime Minister to distract from her own culpability in the recent attacks and to push the agenda in her election manifesto.

Theresa May used her speech to lay out a 4 point plan for tackling the issue of the attacks Britain is being subjected to and the cornerstone is government (Tory) control of access to the…


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The course is set on hope - Paul Mason

In an election, the media forces us to focus on parties. The Labour Party has moved to the left; the Conservatives are having a dire campaign; the Libdems have disappeared. What’s obvious though, is that the real action is in the electorate.

For a while now, and catalysed by Brexit, a conservative near-majority has been emerging, aligning the obsessions of the selfish upper middle classes with those of racist and…


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The Tory NHS Land Grab That Is Daylight Robbery - Roger C.

The 9th of June 2017 could trigger the Tory NHS land grab, which could cost British tax payers close to £5billion but, potentially, far far more.

In the Tories continued Long Term Economic Plan of handing over tax payer wealth to privateers, they…


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