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A Way Forward. A modest proposal - David Malone.

Here's a reprint of David Malone's blog from May last year.

No one that I've come across has come up with a better idea yet

What do you think?

A Way Forward. A modest proposal.

We all know we are in a mess. The problem is, our choices for what to do to rectify it and move forward to something better, seem as futile as each other.

We can sit…


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Woman's Hour-is 'trolling' stopping women taking part in public events

Today I heard a discussion on Radio 4's Woman's Hour. Lis Howell is doing some research into why there's an apparent absence of Women on the radio, parliament and in the media. Here's the link to the item

Woman's Hour - Lis Howell

Lis Howell was asking for people to comment or contribute to the research and wanted to hear from Women Activists in communities and local politics.

If you…


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In a democracy rule is by consent. In a dictatorship it is by control.

See the latest from David Malone:

In a democracy rule is by consent. In a dictatorship it is by control.

Which do we have in the West? It seems to me, it is no longer clear. We certainly still have the rituals of rule by consent. But behind the elected front men and women is a shadow state. It’s people ritually swear allegiance to those we elect. They declare…


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help to derail fracking operations in Balcombe, Sussex- by the 16th July!

Hi all,

As you've probably heard in the news at some point, the nightmarish practice of fracking for shale gas is set to happen at Balcombe in Sussex, unless there is a strong backlash of public opinion.

The Environment Agency (EA) is the adjudicator in the conflict between anyone who opposes fracking and the Government and Caudrilla, the fracking company. Naturally they are under government pressure to 'cut red tape', in other words lean on…

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Equal societies

Prof Richard Wilkinson spoke at Birmingham's Fairbrum event yesterday.  I know many people here have read The Spirit Level - probably everybody - but here's the slide set from yesterday's talk which may contain information not in the book (so now you know I haven't read it).  

It was a really interesting presentation, sadly curtailed by the Chair who felt it necessary to invite Qs even though the audience clearly wanted Prof Wilkinson to reach the conclusion he plainly hadn't…


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Where the hell is the outrage?- a thought from Common Dreams

I saw this on the Common Dreams website. Although it is American in origin it struck chords for me too here in the UK. Why am I swallowing the whole 'that's life' 'It's too complicated to change' thinking that is sapping the very air from the room. It is worth noting that I live in the North (note the capital letter) and we've more reason to be outraged than most yet we watch as my NHS is dismantled and handed over to the private sector, there's too many people chasing the too few jobs, the…


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Egyptian revolution part 2: at the crossroads

The Egyptian revolution has reached a critical point, with the weakness and lack of strategy of the opposition leadership allowing a once-discredited army elite to resume a key role just over a year after it was forced to yield power to civilian authority.

As a result, the growing authoritarianism of the Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood regime has, for the time being, been replaced by an authoritarian military-backed regime. The suspension of the constitution, the arrest of Morsi and the…


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The Second Egyptian Revolution

The second Egyptian revolution which is firmly under way has swept millions into the new uprising against the presidency of Mohamed Morsi, whose regime has patently failed to solve any of the day-to-day problems of the masses.

Viewing the crisis in Egypt primarily as a conflict between the forces of Islam and secularism is mistaken. Like all religions, Islam provides a form of expression for the very poor who…


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