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Ethical Investments

Most of us are rightly concerned about the behaviour of major banks and to what ends they use the funds in depositors' savings accounts?
This recording of a recent webinar about how you can make ethical investments is both thought provoking and inspirational.
What the presenter to say is worth thinking about that's for sure

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Some small thoughts before I go - David Malone

We are off on our first family holiday in five years. I am more excited than the kids. We will be gone a month and during that time almost entirely off the grid.

Thank you to those of you who recommend article to other blogs.

I also thought I would leave you with a scattering of thoughts.…


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Sharing Networks

Thanks to all who attended our webinar today on sharing networks and to Jessica and Diane for presenting it. They have both developed a great project in WARP IT that many other Councils might like to consider.

You can find a recording of this webinar at https://onsync.digitalsamba.com/play/fs@globalnet21.org/17683-warpit

Just click on the link and it should take you right there.



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This Land is Mine- a short video that sums up the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

However you view this conflict, whatever the solution may be it's the dude at the end who is winning!

Films for Action

There's other good stuff too.

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‘Recognise the community sector as the true citizen’s voice’

This is a call for policy makers, academics and funders to recognise, resource and work in collaboration with the community sector. The voluntary sector has held sway for too long, claiming to represent the community, and in the name of the community capturing resources that are available for community empowerment and taking the place of the community at the decision making table. This has contributed to the alienation and disengagement of citizens from decision…


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Tony Blair's third way and what can learn from Venezuelan socialism,

Here is a link to an article which about Venezuela socialism.

21st Century Socialism in the Making in Venezuela - an Alternative to Neoliberal Capitalism

It talks about a few topics one of interest in Tony Blair's "Third way" a mix of capitalism and socialism "capitalism with a human face"…


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Land of the Free?


This is my first posting here at NatCan.

Here is a link to an article I just read about how many Americans feel a loss of freedom.

It is from the Christian Science Monitor.

I don't not subscribe to the CSM or their views but I felt this article was appropriate for this web site.

Much of this loss I would attribute to the growing economic problem here and abroad.




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The Disloyal - David Malone

There have been three important men in my life. The dreams of all of them have been betrayed.

My grandfather was and in many ways still is everything I admire. He began working down the pit when he was 14 years old. He retired at 65 and a few fleeting years later was dead of cancer. But in his life he fought for the dignity of the ordinary working man and woman. He believed that if we wished for a better world, a world where ordinary people had a chance in life, a chance to…


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The Tory Sycophants (Or should it be Sick-o-phants)

I watched the news last night and witnessed the appalling spectacle of Tory MP's falling over themselves to congratulate Cameron on his failure to muster support from EU leaders.  My own MP, Stephen O'Brien made reference to '...the previous Battle of Britain' and 'seeing off many Junkers.'   Some might say an amusing play on words.  Other Tories spoke of leadership.  What leadership?  That of a small group of Tory Euro-sceptics who live in an era long past; our questionable imperial age.…


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