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The Corbyn Model of Leadership - Roy Madron

Of all the people currently in leadership positions in a major political party anywhere in the world, Jeremy Corbyn is the only one who shows the potential of being a leader who could begin to manage successfully the complex problems that all of our societies have to face in the coming decades.

Hillary Benn, and many of those urging Jeremy Corbyn to resign for the greater good of the Labour Party and the country, tell…


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UK joins Greece at bottom of wage growth league - The Guardian

Britain has suffered a bigger fall in real wages since the financial crisis than any other advanced country apart from Greece, research shows.

A report by the TUC, published on Wednesday, shows that real earnings have declined more than 10% since the credit crunch began in 2007, leaving the UK equal bottom in a league table of wages growth.…


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Report on Constituting Democracy by Assemblies for Democracy

On Saturday, July 16, a diverse group of British citizens gathered to discuss how the entire population of the UK could contribute to, and legitimize, a new constitution for the UK. The event, held at Southbank University in London, was organised by Assemblies for Democracy in response to the growing corpus of individuals in the UK who are deeply unsatisfied with the fundamental relationship between citizens and the state in the UK.…


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If The World is Ending, What’s Beginning? The Future of Global Politics - Umair Haque

You might be forgiven for asking, taking a glance around: is this the end of the world?

Yes and no. The changes sweeping the globe are much more dramatic and intense than most think. And yet life will go on.

The real question is: what is this the beginning of? After all, every ending contains a…


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The Revenge of the Idiots - Umair Haque

The Revenge of the Idiots

Maybe Brexiteers and Trumpists are Smarter Than We Think

Consider a tiny thought. Maybe Brexit and Trump voters aren’t as stupid as they’ve been made out to be.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. You’re part of an imploded middle class, trapped in a burned-out dead-end town, going nowhere fast, with no one to lift…


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Why socialists should defend Corbyn

With the low-level hostilities in the Labour Party having descended into outright civil war, this summer’s leadership contest threatens to be an internecine and unpleasant affair. The atmosphere in the party is poisonous.

While the immediate trigger for the challenge to Jeremy Corbyn was the Leave vote…


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John McDonnell exposes the truth behind the Labour coup with one brilliant statement

Addressing Labour supporters at a rally in Newcastle, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell nailed the truth behind the attempted coup:

This coup isn’t about Jeremy Corbyn. This coup isn’t about him, this is about you…

This is the 1% telling the 99% to ‘get back in your…


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Three-quarters of newspaper stories about Jeremy Corbyn fail to accurately report his views, LSE study finds

Three-quarters of newspaper stories about Jeremy Corbyn in the first months of his leadership either distorted or failed to represent his actual views on subjects, a study has found.

Academics at the London School of Economics analysed the content of eight national newspapers between 1 September and 1 November 2015, when Mr Corbyn was first elected.

The media researchers found that in 52…


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Working class Britain is taking its power back, and the establishment is freaking out

For decades, the working class of Britain have been sidelined, patronised or ignored in UK politics – and seen their political voice and power all but gone. In recent months, that dormant political force in Britain has found its voice again – and the establishment is freaking out.

With its fresh…


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People led democracy in Denmark: What can we learn from grown up politics?

I wrote a blog that might appeal to NatCAN members. Here is an excerpt or two:

"Folkemoedet is like all the UK party conferences, the green field at Glastonbury and the AGM of the Danish Women’s Institute happening at the same time.  Along with quite a bit of artisan beer and smoked mackerel.  Inspired by similar open politics conferences in Sweden, Folkemoedet could never happen here, today, in the fevered and…


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Listening to Brexit - David Malone

David Malone is a candidate for the Green Party Leadership.  Here are his reflections on Brexit

I have been listening to Brexit and it has been unedifying. My lasting impressions is that there was very little actual listening going on. It was largely just an eruption of bile and bigotry. The British body politic emptying itself from both ends at once. Everyone offended by the actions of the others, seemingly pleased with the smell of their…


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The elites hate Momentum and the Corbynites - and I’ll tell you why. David Graeber

As the rolling catastrophe of what’s already being called the “chicken coup” against the Labour leadership winds down, pretty much all the commentary has focused on the personal qualities, real or imagined, of the principal players.

Yet such an approach misses out on almost everything that’s really at stake here. The real battle is not over the personality of one man, or even a couple of hundred politicians. If the opposition to Jeremy Corbyn for the past nine months has been…


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Running for Leadership of the Green Party - David Malone

One of our members, David Malone, is running for leadership of the Green Party - see below.

I normally keep my political beliefs out of this blog. Trying instead to offer an analysis that might be useful no matter what political view you hold. However, I thought some of you might be interested to know that I am contesting the leadership of the UK Green Party.

I doubt I will win. Caroline Lucas is a very good MP, will make a very…


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Out of the political chaos something positive emerges

Time for a new UK citizens’ constitution

Guardian letter

The EU referendum has raised important questions…


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BREXIT WAS A CON - Kirsty Hall

I keep thinking about the Scottish referendum and how it was more than two YEARS of debate, working out details, cross-examination & talking it all through. A long, painful, divisive and often boring process, as my many Scottish friends and family will tell you. But undoubtedly a very thoroughly considered and vital one.

What did we get?

Certainly not two years.

But then Brexit was never about the whole of the UK and…


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