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Use political crisis over Syria to drive out ConDems

The governing parties’ surprise defeat in last night’s vote on Syria is just as much a reflection of the immense distrust of the political class across the board as it is a general desire to prevent another in a long line of military adventures.

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Why we should oppose any attack on Syria

The claim by Kerry, Obama and Cameron that they will "save" Syrians from chemical weapons by military attack is eerily reminiscent of the fake reasons for attacking Iraq.

Bombing Syria would be a desperate action by desperate governments which can easily spiral into an even greater conflagration. 

The time to stop that is now. Read on: …


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Stickiness and Reinvention

Some changes in community are just sticky. I don’t mean they are physically gooey and tacky leaving a residue on the hands that takes days to remove. Rather some changes find that sweet spot where they are genuinely at people’s service, recognising their frustrations and deliver solutions to their real problems. When community solutions are sticky*, they motivate people to adopt them and sustain them in the long term. And community organisers can help leaders to design change in ways…


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The WEA in the Twenty-First Century: what is it for?

Below is the text of the Eastern Region WEA Centenary Lecture, delivered by former WEA Chair of Trustees, Richard Taylor, Emeritus Professorial Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge University.



The WEA in the Twenty-First Century: what is it for?

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The middle ground between clicktivism and protest

Following on from Joe's very kind mention of my book, The Armchair Activist's Handbook, I thought I'd post a link to a blog I wrote for the New Internationalist this week.

The book was a bit of a journey for me - I went from being someone frustrated with the state of things to finding ways that I could make a bit of a difference (which fit with my busy life rather than taking it over - which is what I'd always been afraid of).  So the blog is about finding that comfortable…


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The Armchair Activist’s Handbook

How To Change The World From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Would you change the world, if only you knew how?

Do you dream of doing more than signing online petitions but don’t want to camp out on a pavement to prove a point?

Are you frustrated because you’re not making a difference but don’t want to turn your life upside down in the name of action?

Then this is the book for you.…


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Creating a Buzz

Over recent weeks, I’ve been delving into thinking about how change happens in communities. The role of community organiser is all about stimulating change, even revolution and understanding the factors that support and sustain change seem to me as important as tackling those factors that prevent social change. This week, I want to explore the importance of conversations and their key role in opening up groups and communities to change.…


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Zero hours contracts show how capitalism works for the 1%

Job anyone? Yes? Good! Wait by the door with your cap in you hand and we’ll call you when we need you. If we call you we’ll pay you. Maybe. A bit. Not much though, times are hard. We’re all in it together.

Better than being on benefits, isn’t it. This way we’re not obliged to give you a cent, a penny, a dime. And we don’t have to worry about all that expensive red tape, bureaucracy. Things like sick pay, holiday pay.

Buckingham Palace, the National Trust, and the Tate Galleries…


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Racism as Checkpoints Target Non-Whites

At a time when most people are struggling to pay their bills, when wages have been driven down by zero hours and other slave-like “contracts”, when the ConDems are fighting for votes against the nationalist Ukip, it comes as little surprise that the Home Office has unleashed its dogs.

They may not be wearing brown shirts, but the UK Border Agency officials might as well be. Setting up checkpoints at key locations around London, Durham, Manchester,…


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