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NHS plans closures and radical cuts to combat growing deficit in health budget - Guardian

NHS bosses throughout England are quietly drawing up plans for hospital closures, cutbacks and radical changes to the way healthcare is delivered in an attempt to meet spiralling demand and plug the hole in their finances, an investigation by the Guardian and campaign group 38 Degrees has revealed.

Without the changes, the NHS at local level could be facing a financial shortfall of about £20bn by 2020-21 if no action…


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The power and the potential of the social movement behind Corbyn

As voting gets under way in the contest for the Labour leadership, which is almost certainly going to result in the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn, it’s worth reflecting on the astonishing changes that have swept the party since the 2015 general election.

Together with the huge rallies Corbyn has been holding – 5,000 turned out on a Sunday evening in Kilburn, for example – they represent a burgeoning social movement that has shaken the political establishment and the mainstream media to…


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Why I’m voting for Corbyn, and why you should too - Jeff Goulding

The American Senator, William Borah, is said to have first coined the phrase “phoney war” in 1939. He was describing what Winston Churchill called the “twilight war” and the Germans called the “sitting war.” A period of relative inactivity on the ‘Western Front,’ that was…


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The sound of Blairite silence. Owen Smith has become the willing dupe of the Labour right - Paul Mason

No matter how hard you listen it’s impossible to hear the Blairite wing of Labour. They have shut up shop. The Progress website looks like it’s being maintained by interns, while there are no official Progress events being held until the day after the leadership election (…


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Hinkley Point Nuclear Proposal - New Economics Foundation

Is it all over for the UK's first new nuclear power station in two decades?

This week's special guest is NEF's David Powell.

Listen to Podcast

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Jeremy Corbyn: A revolution in plain sight - Jeff Goulding

In their thousands they came. Carrying home-made placards, they came. Women pushing prams, their kids in tow, the young, middle-aged and old, black, white, disabled, the old left and the newly awoken; in the pouring rain they came. They filled St George’s Plateau and still…


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Answers to Owen Jones’ Questions for Jeremy Corbyn’s Supporters - Huffington Post

Better out than in. Owen Jones’s Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer is the public climax to a private campaign of criticism of the Labour leader which Owen initiated within 24 hours of Corbyn’s election last September.

Barely had the votes been counted to give Jeremy his unprecedented mandate than Owen was embarking on his “it’s all going wrong” shtick to anyone who would listen. Some may now see…


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An open letter to Owen Jones - Darrell Kavanagh

I am writing to you as a comrade who takes a great interest in your writing. Yours is a rare voice in the media — one which is informed by the history of the labour movement, and above all, one which recognises the central role of the movement in the progress we have made over the years, and understands that all progressive change comes from below.

In particular, a year ago, you saw the insurgent movement around Jeremy…


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The Guardian: Running Out of Supporters and Money - John Lynch

To all those working on the ‘Get Corbyn’ strategy at The Guardian…

Do you remember all those articles you were running a few years back on how people were apathetic and disillusioned with politics in the UK? So much so that they could scarcely be bothered to vote.

Here let me remind you.

Apathetic and…


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Labour: The Way Ahead - Paul Mason

The revolt of 170 Labour MPs following the Brexit referendum has now forced the left, unwillingly, to wage the fight that was always coming. With Corbyn assured of a place on the ballot paper, winning again will still be a challenge — but not the…


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Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer - Owen Jones

Labour and the left teeter on the brink of disaster. There, I said it. I’ll explain why. But first, it has become increasingly common in politics to reduce disagreements to bad faith. Rather than accepting somebody has a different perspective because, well, that’s what they think, you look for an ulterior motive instead. Everything from self-aggrandisement to careerism to financial corruption to the circles in which the other person moves: any explanation…


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