September 2013 Blog Posts (9)

Manchester Sept 29

There was another protest at the Tory Party conference that went unreported. Many of us were protesting about the illogical killing of badgers.…


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What’s this about empowerment?

Power is a strange factor in our lives. How we experience it depends on lots of things: the identity ascribed to us in childhood as female, black, middle class, Muslim, straight, Scottish…and the identities that we choose for ourselves such as feminist, internationalist, anti-racist, hedonist, Buddhist; the way of thinking about how the world works that we have learnt from how we have been…


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how new media can influence policy

The recording of the webinar about how new media can influence policy, especially for seldom heard voices.  
The quality is excellent.

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David Malone's interviw about Syria & Gas on American National Public Radio

Hi All

If you are a lay-person, trying to get your head around Syria's position within the current geopolitical lanscape, David Malone's recent interviw for NPR (National Public Radio) in the States is well worth listening to (about 20 minutes).

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Understanding Power Pt 1

When I first put the word power into Flickr, up came loads of pictures of the power grid and turbines, jet engines and pylons. When I tried other related terms in Google, I got loads of pages about the power of words, music or landscapes. These are not the uses of power I want to explore over the next few weeks. My subject is a critical quality of human interactions which embraces everything from a mother’s caress of her new-born to the decisions of the UN…


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Syria - Europe and the USA

For those trying to make some sense of the complex Syrian situation, David Malone's third blog on the topic begins with:

The official story about any intervention in Syria is that we are not after any benefit for ourselves. We are just appalled at the use of gas and feel ourselves to be the guardians of international law, freedom and innocent children.  Yeah…


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Syria? How about Qatar, Saudi and Gas?

From part 2 of David Malone's take on the Syrian situation

Some of the questions I think any analysis of what is going on in Syria has to answer:  Why is France so keen to get involved in Syria?  Why are both Qatar and Saudi supplying and supporting the ‘rebels’ in Syria? Given that the ‘rebels’ which both Qatar and Saudi are funding are largely Jabhat al-Nusra who are seen as affilated with al-Qaeda, why are the US…


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Become a Changemaker

Invitations come in several varieties. Some are simple to ignore. They are expressed in a flat monotone to everyone in general. They are often widely distributed, often arrive by email or on paper and are called publicity. Another type is the one that comes in person from your friend or neighbour and sounds quite intriguing. It’s often presented as a solution to a problem but still feels optional. A third type is the one – and there are few of these in life – where…


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Making change safe and sure

Much of what stands for reluctance or resistance to change in each one of us is the result of fear. It’s difficult to acknowledge that we need to be certain and to be safe in taking new steps before we can really commit ourselves to change. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at different ways in which organisers can make the journey to change easier and more attractive for community members. We’ve looked at creating a network of buzz around the change, offering real hope for…


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