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The Real Reason The Permanent Political Class Is Freaking Out Over Jeremy Corbyn - Scriptonite Daily

A quick scan of social media and mainstream news sources today should alert you to the fact that the war against Jeremy Corbyn and his new front bench has already begun. This is because the permanent political class are freaking out over Corbyn’s win and how it imperils their grip on power. Here is how.

It is becoming ever more clear that the Labour Party in Westminster has become a part of a permanent political class alongside their Tory and Liberal Democrat counterparts.…


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How a united front can remove the Tories - open letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy

Your stunning landslide victory in the election for leader of the Labour Party reflects the power of a seismic social movement for democratic change which already reverberates far beyond Westminster.

Congratulations to all those who made it possible. An astonishing 16,000 helpers organised your leadership campaign. Tens of thousands of people came out of nowhere to produce a veritable political earthquake. You inspired young people like no other recent movement has…


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About Trade Unions - New Economics Foundation

Kirsty chats to special guest Alice Martin, researcher at the New Economics Foundation, about trade unions.

Listen the Podcast.

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Connecting to Make a Difference - Ruth Stokes

To see the recording of the webinar Ruth Stokes presented about activism and making connections:…


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Someone Who Worked for the World Bank.

Believing that money creation and allocation is the root cause of environmental desecration, social injustice and inequality, I was delighted when introduced recently to someone who had previously worked for the World Bank.

On raising the topic, it soon became obvious that either I understood money better that he did or I was so far off-track that there was no point him trying to explain to an idiot. That made me think. Next time around I took steps to resolve the matter.



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