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Any Alternative to Austerity?

It's hard to imagine anyone being happy about 'Austerity', unless you are profiting from it.

Are you?

The question is, what can you do about it?

Owen Jones has an opinion on that subject.

Listen to his recent talk at the Cambridge Festival of…


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worth sending to the councillors in your ward?

The webinar today (30 Oct) featured a councillor from Waltham Forest who uses Facebook to communicate with her electorate. 
It  really is worth seeing then maybe sending to the councillors in your own ward.
Here's the link for the recording: http://bit.ly/1aoTbPS

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Structures for Power

This series of posts started by exploring the nature of power and its different forms. Take a look at the first two posts here and here. I have then written about empowerment itself and how as organisers we are charged with transforming dis-empowerment into self-confident citizens who empower each other to change the world. In the last two posts – here and here – I have looked at two levels of power, the personal and the cultural. In this post I am looking at the structural level. The scope…


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Energy Prices: Heat or eat, live or die: the market will decide

Behind the rip-off increases in gas and electricity prices announced by British Gas is an industry dominated by six secretive corporations who take their cue from the international energy market to drive up profits. 

It should come as no surprise that the big six operate as an oligopoly, raising prices in unison whenever they can, but especially before the winter sets in. They decide whether people will heat or eat and, in the case of some, live or die from…


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The Power of Ideas

Last week we looked together at personal power, what we mean by it and how it can be nurtured and developed. In this post, I want to introduce some key ideas around cultural power, the way our lives – and indeed our very identities – are shaped and structured by unseen forces of ideology and persuasion.

Media, profit and spin

TV plays a critical role in our communities, providing a key way for messages about our…


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The Nazis, of all people, created full employment

This article by Henry C. K. Liu shows how the Nazis created full employment and became an economic powerhouse within 4 years, before they begun re-armament.
Tragically, those energies were misdirected by Hitler into war and the persecution of Jews.
See the reference to the present policies of austerity and social welfare cuts advocated by neo-liberal economics and the…

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