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Tax credits and the case for a new democratic constitution

Those campaigning for a new, democratic constitution can take heart from the fact that the present one is crumbling in front of our eyes. The conflict between the Lords and Commons over Tory plans to scrap tax credits is just one of many breaking points.

The surest sign of a deepening crisis is that members of the unelected House of Lords felt sufficiently emboldened to defeat a financial policy passed three times by the House of Commons,…


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Charter for Budget Responsibility - New Economic Foundation

Kirsty chats to special guest Ewa Karwowski, lecturer in economics at Kingston University, about government debt, and the Charter for Budget Responsibility, approved by MPs in parliament last week.


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Prime minister Jeremy Corbyn: the first 100 days (theguardian)

Thursday 7 May 2020. The polls have closed and, to general astonishment, a BBC exit poll is predicting a narrow victory for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour-Liberal Democrat-Green alliance.

From the outset, it is clear that there has been a huge increase in turnout among the young and the disaffected. As one commentator puts it: “Generation Rent appear to be taking their revenge on middle England.”…


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Professor Steve Keen, how to avoid another financial crisis

In the second of a two-part interview Kirsty chats to special guest Professor Steve Keen, Head of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University, about the likelihood of another economic crash and how we can stop that from happening.

For Podcast Click…


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After Corbyn’s victory: time for a new kind of politics

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader represents a massive rejection of the culture of politics as usual. While Corbyn’s firm convictions, clear analysis and practical alternatives won him admirers as the campaign progressed, his leadership style is certainly not about the cult of personality. This is unlike many recent left breakouts, which have had an unhealthy dependency on a figure at the top. Think of Arthur Scargill and the Socialist Labour Party, George Galloway and…


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