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Tackling climate change demands democratic revolution

The Tory government’s decision to support construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport underlines how the political and corporate world have become entirely alienated from the real world. This alienation is an outcome of the fundamental alienation at the heart of the capitalist system.



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Humanity missing in action: The uncivilised west - Jeff Goulding

It’s not been a great year for humanity has it? we seem to be lurching from one low point to another and just when you think we have reached rock bottom, new depths are somehow reached. For many of us it is hard to resist the creeping tentacles of despair.…


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An exciting new idea in Basic Income - Jordan Greenhall

One of the biggest challenges to the Basic Income movement has been answering the question, “where do the funds come from”? After all, even a basic income of a mere $5,000 per year for every American adult carries a bill of $1.2 Trillion dollars a year — or just about a third of the entire Federal budget! Whether you propose to raise taxes, or to cut back on other governmental expenses to pay this bill, you will find a lot of well defended skepticism.

Recently, however, I was…


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Dylan: A poet not a prophet - Jeff Goulding

Bob Dylan was recently awarded the Nobel prize for literature. Of course the award owes more to the truth in his lyrics, than the tune in his head. Nevertheless it is a richly deserved award. Though it may be fashionable to say I was, I’d be lying if I claimed I was a big fan of Dylan’s music. I did…


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An idea for Manchester’s new mayor: let the people decide where the cash goes: Paul Mason

When they looked at the strategic plan for Greater Manchester, presented in 2014, many local people were struck by the same thought: there was scant provision for democracy. There will be an elected…


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Our Democracy is Fracked Up

By Inka Stafrace - freelance videographer- campaigner founder of polly tikkle productions:

The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, is the head of the UK Department for Communities and Local Government. His department’s remit includes decentralisation (of power) and community cohesion amongst other things. So it is…


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Doing Democracy - the People's Plan

When humans amalgamate, no matter the size of the collective, somehow, someone gravitates to the top of the pile then generally shows little, if any, inclination to relinquish that position. Having the biggest stick (totalitarianism, the divine right of kings) is one way of…


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Brexit constitutional crisis reflects deeper disquiet

People rarely get the chance to have a direct say in political affairs but when they do, the consequences can be dramatic as the constitutional crisis that has erupted over Brexit testifies.

Parliament and the government are at bitter odds with each other, and Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has announced plans for a new independence referendum on the grounds that her country voted heavily to remain in the European Union.

Oh, and there’s a major court case under way…


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Mediocrity can win power but not a referendum - Robin McAlpine

The SNP has a strong record of competence in government. It is credible, respected. It is a broad church which has managed successfully to encompass both the left and the right. It is a party of and for its members. It is in no-one's pocket. It still manages to be bold, strong,…


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Hinkley nuclear power station is a Trident weapons “stealth initiative”, expert claims

Expert accuses government and corporations of collusion over nuclear weapons projects

WESTMINSTER is pouring billions into a dodgy nuclear power project to hide the mammoth development costs of Trident weapons of mass destruction, an Oxford academic has…


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Why Theresa May is lying to you. What her spending plans reveal about her promises of change - Luke Davies.

In her party conference speech Theresa May promised to transform the Conservatives into the ‘party of the workers, the party of public servants, the party of the NHS’. She declared: ‘it’s time to remember the good that government can do’.

Journalists on…


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Socialism for the 21st century: Labour transformed - Jeff Goulding

Labour have pledged to be even more radical in power than the Attlee government of the 1940’s. In September 2016, on the banks of the Mersey, they laid down the policy foundations that could well deliver on that bold promise. In just one year, the new leadership has completely transformed the party’s outlook. This shift to a more radical set of proposals is as necessary today, as it was seventy years ago.

In 1943, with the war…


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How a social movement behind Corbyn can defeat the Tories

The re-election of Jeremy Corbyn is an historic defeat for Labour’s right wing, the mainstream media and the political establishment. Now, the social movement behind his resounding victory can inspire the defeat of the Tories well before 2020.

We cannot wait until the next scheduled general election. By then, the NHS will be in pieces, public services cut to the bone and schools turned en masse into privately-run academies or grammars. Inequality is certain to widen and planned…


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