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British white working class

JRF reports published today:

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Hi folks,

Sorry I've been AWOL but I've been up to my ears in a number of things, not least of which was becoming a Nonna!

I visited the Outer Hebrides on a Community Development trip focused on coastal erosion and…


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"Power shift from Whitehall to communities gets underway"


Am I the only one to feel somewhat underwhelmed? 





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Reflections on leaving local government and why it's broken

Reflections on leaving local government and why it's broken.



I've just finished working in a two tier, or more accurately a three tier local authority (if you count the parish councils) after twenty seven years. The last six of them gave me a chance to see the strategic leadership up close and an opportunity to look into the engine room of local government. I'm now reflecting on what I saw and why I think it's…


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The real Patch Adams and hope for health

Here's a link to the Gesundheit Institute's website. 


Patch Adams & The Gesundheit Institute


The ideas and story behind the life of the real Patch Adams and his day to day of making things happen. He lives community and this website give you access to the inspiration. Enjoy!

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NATCEN report - "The August Riots in England: Understanding the involvement of young people",%201mb).pdf


On a quick skim read, it seems that young people aren't actually an alien race or breed apart.   Tell me which working adult hasn't taken stationery from work or toiletries from hotel bathrooms because it's there; as…


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