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The Incredible Edible experiment (reposted from New Start magazine)

After five years of austerity and with more to come, the need to rethink local economies is more pressing than ever. Governments are not going to do it for us. The big society has evaporated as a political idea. Many of the new private sector jobs are precarious, low-wage roles with few prospects, barely keeping body and soul together.

No wonder New Start magazine is examining the experiments in…


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This hunger is no game – it's ConDem Britain 2013

Malnutrition, hunger, debt and homelessness. That’s the price increasing numbers of ordinary people are paying for ConDem austerity as the fiction of “economic recovery” passes the majority by.

Cases of malnutrition treated at NHS hospitals in England have nearly doubled since the 2008 economic crash, as the costs of heating and eating rise and incomes are driven down. 

- Read …


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David Malone - The New World Order Part 1. The Betrayal of the Nation

Hope you found time to listen to David Malone 'In Conversation'.

Might pay to read his latest blog

In every country I can think of, the sovereignty and wealth of the Nation, which was once the embodiment of the power and will of the people,  is being butchered and sold to the highest bidder. Everywhere, the Nation and the people within it, are under attack. Not…


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More than social finance, we need integrity


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The Brand voting debate: why I think we need to engage differently

I was lucky enough to sit in as a guest on Redshift Radio’s Midweek Uplift show this week to speak about the Russell Brand/Robert Webb voting debate, and offer some ideas for how people might be able to bring about change.

The main point that the whole thing has thrown up for me is that we need to engage more, not less, and – crucially – we need to engage differently.

Yes, our…


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Naomi Klein: Is Earth F**ked? - Science is telling us to revolt

Hi All

I think we all know Niomi Klein is worth taking notice of after the publication of The Shock Doctrine

In a recent article in NewStatesman she asks, Is our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet? and refers to complex…


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Co-operatives in trouble - the way forward?

Two of the world’s biggest and best known co-operatives are struggling with the impact of the unending global recession. Both are seeking rescue deals by hedge funds and private equity groups that could lead to their destruction.

This week, the UK’s 150-year old Co-operative Group announced a revised plan to rescue its loss-making bank. Meanwhile, Fagor, the consumer electronics arm of Mondragon – the Basque workers’ co-operative established in 1956 – is racing to secure emergency…


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Falling Fruit: a global map for collaborative foraging map

When I was writing my book, foraging was one of the methods I used to try to reduce my reliance on supermarkets, since I'm uncomfortable with the amount of control these companies have over our what we eat and our food supply chains. I personally think that using what's on our doorstep instead of letting it go to waste - instead of getting all our food from imported sources - is important.

So I'm really pleased that a new open-source foraging map has just launched in the UK.…


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