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George Osborne's Comprehensive Spending Review - analysis New Economics Foundation

Chancellor George Osborne set out his long term economic plan for the third time this year in last week's Comprehensive Spending Review. Kirsty runs through the numbers with economist Yuan Yang.


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Convention on the constitution moves step nearer

Plans for a citizens-led convention on the constitution have taken a major step forward as a result of the successful Assembly for Democracy held in London on November 14 jointly called with Occupy Democracy.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, attacked the Tory government’s devolution plans for excluding people from the process and handing over problems without the money to deal with them. She described it as a “stitch-up” between Treasury officials and a few people…


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Bank of England and its role in the UK economy

This week, Josh Ryan-Collins from NEF's Economy & Finance team joins Kirsty Styles to explain the Bank of England and its role in the UK economy.


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Energy Beyond Neoliberalism

This article seeks to explore energy alternatives that break with the

foundational assumptions of the neoliberal order. Our argument is that,

rather than begging for small palliative scraps, the left must make the

argument for a new energy and economic settlement. This is necessary

for survival, and for justice. We need a fundamental change of direction

on energy.…


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People's Quantitative Easing - New Economics Foundation

This week Kirsty's joined by Fran Boait, Director of Positive Money, to talk about people's quantitative easing. Why is it different to other QE? Isn't it just printing money? Would it help or hinder our economy?



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Knowing our left from our right: social justice, human freedom, and realist utopianism by Joel Lazarus

What does it mean to be 'left' or 'right wing' today? Does it even matter? There seems to be a lot of basic confusion out there coupled with a lot of instinctive contempt and fear for what is understood as left-wing politics. The media is central to the production of this contempt and fear. They can't seem to use the word 'left' without preceding it with either the powder-puff adjective of approval – 'centre' – or the adjectives of danger and…


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