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This is the Britain (America and Europe) we live in today!

Teresa May, our new PM, stated that she wants a Britain that works for all and not just the wealthy and influential.  She re-stated this view at the recent Tory Conference, yet the reality is very different.  If one reads the newspapers, watches or listens to the news, it is not hard to see that what she and her colleagues say in public and what is real are completely at odds.  By simply perusing the information that is in the public domain, it is clear that the Tory party is…


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Hammond fiddles while the economy burns up

We had to wait for elder statesman Ken Clarke in questions from MPs to introduce, ever so gently, a reference to the threat of recession. It was the first and last time even a hint of reality entered the proceedings of the chancellor’s autumn statement.

Beyond the borders of the UK, however, and beyond the influence of the Tory government, the global economy is riven with crises of unprecedented proportions. Their consequences are being felt everywhere…


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Culture Matters - David Malone

Over the last few months the Brexit debate brought to a head long running arguments about immigration, racism and multiculturalism. It has not been uplifting. People accused each other of being racists, haters, ignorant and lost, as simmering discontents and prejudices all came to the boil. Is it possible to address any of the issues from a different starting place, one that might be less polarised and poisoned? Here is my attempt.…


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Make finance the servant, not the master - Ann Pettifor

This piece is a response to John Mill’s challenge, ‘We need to rebalance the British Economy‘.

In her first big party conference speech, Britain’s new prime minister rode the wave of populist revolt that swept Britain before 23 June, 2016. “This…


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The Britain that Theresa May is trying to build has unstable foundations - Caroline Lucas

Prime ministers like to build big things. They like to wear high-visibility jackets and watch concrete being poured. They like to cut ribbons. And they like a legacy.

Theresa May is different from past prime ministers in many ways, but it seems…


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