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When people decided that enough was enough

A World to Win's New Year's message

Long ago .....

society was being overwhelmed by a series of catastrophes to which there seemed no answers. Unemployment, poverty and inequality were rife as a global crisis took hold. The old capitalist economic system had run its course and was unsustainable. 



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A Giant Step Away From Democracy

Lots of people believe that democracy is being undermined.

Here's an example of how it's being done (thanks to David Malone).


It’s not often we get to witness the moment when a leader sells his nation for money. Such a moment occurred in Athens last week.

At the behest and on the authority of Prime Minister Samaras and President Papoulias, an amendment to Greek law was drawn up last week. There was no debate in parliament, the vote is still to…


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Sorry (Poor) Kids: The Road From Rags To Riches No Longer Passes Through College

This is disturbing news for those of us brought up to believe that the way to a better life for our children lay in them getting a better education
The empirical evidence demonstrates that when it comes to an actual, demonstrable income effect, only the wealthiest people actually benefit from a degree! The lowest fifth of household by income see their change in…

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The World Most Dangerous Contraceptive


The World's Most Dangerous Contraceptives
Dear Global World Leaders

We write to ask you to end Federal/International  funding for the world's most…

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Financial Times turns to Lenin in desperation

Mark Carney isn’t due to move from being governor of the Bank of Canada to governor of the Bank of England until next July. But the intensity of the global economic crisis is so severe that policy makers can’t wait that long.

Chancellor George Osborne, who tempted him here, and the other beleaguered leaders of the capitalist world are prepared to discuss Carney’s ideas and put them into effect as soon as possible – preferably…


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Interrogating Urban Crisis - Call for Papers


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Tories have Human Rights Act in their sights

17 December 2012: The imminent appearance of the parliamentary commission’s report into a new Bill of Rights is giving the Tory right an opportunity to bray against what they call “a court sitting overseas” – the European Court of Human Rights...

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Things can only get worse

All hopes for a Tory re election are fading fast and with three years to go their attempts to gain the vote with likes of Immigration, Euorope and Welfare will become desperately obvious as the propaganda machine gathers pace. So ok, lets presume Labour are back in power, would they legislate any harder on the banking system? Well that would have to be at international level wouldn't it? so lets face it, real change is going to take decades, and global concensus amongst global economic…


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The EU Banking Union?


Hi, Some good input would be appreciated to decipher whether this will help or fail, I'm sure the intellect on this site may collectively come to a conclusion, Merry Xmas everyone

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Revealed: the harsh truth behind jobs figures

Governments on both sides of the Atlantic have good news on jobs. Apparently.

The real story is of people giving up the search for work and young people, in particular, facing a life on the dole.

Figures just out on the UK show unemployment falling by 82,000, and the number of people in full-time work increasing by 44,000 between May to July 2012 and August to October 2012.

In the US, Barack Obama and his…


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Egypt's unfinished revolution

Egypt is experiencing the throes of the third phase of its political and social revolution. Tanks have been ordered onto the streets of Cairo. And a new concrete wall is going up in the street leading to the presidential palace.

As a struggle for power grips the country, Egypt’s opposition has decided to boycott the constitutional referendum being forced through by the ruling Muslim Brotherhood despite the concessions offered by president Mohamed Morsi.…


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On the Death of Certain Dreams

Below is the opening paragraph of David Malone's latest blog post
David is best know to us as the author of The Debt Generation, his well-followed blog on financial matters, Golem X1V, and as a much appreciated guest speaker for NatCAN and Equality NW

He is, however, by profession, a television documentary film producer and this blog show the strong spiritual side to his nature.…

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Rewind for tomorrow afternoons CC meeting 1PM-3PM"Food" security @ Walworth Academy , 34-40 Shorncliffe Road,SE1 5UJ CRÈCHE …


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BOOT CAMP Locality & area Action Plans



While the debate rages regarding Boot Camps and Mercenaries  as youth providers In the UK ( trained killer ) whether its  tough love or abuse to disaffected youth we need to have the internal discussion about representation and demographics as an African Community,  as we know our children are over represented in Court, youth offending and penal system.

I am also not immune to the knock on the door from the Police all…


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Osborne to up the war on the people

Today’s autumn statement from chancellor George Osborne will extend the predicted period of the recession and pile more pressure on the 99% of the people in Britain who are struggling to meet rising bills as real incomes fall.

The financial crisis has been as economically devastating as a world war and may still be a burden on our grandchildren according to Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s executive director for financial…


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